2023 Survey Event | Visibility and Attack Surface

Functionality is mission-critical to all organizations. It is also the critical element to anyone seeking to do harm to that mission. For an organization and its partners to make use of functionality, it must be visible to both. Organizations face uncertainty, because with increasing visibility comes an increased attack surface, and therefore increased risk.

Or does it? This webcast looks at the correlation between the two, and how we can use factors of each to impact the other. This research will attempt to define best practices as well as understanding how organizations understand the two issues to be linked, and how that may inform their response.

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2023 Visibility and Attack Surface Survey Results

SANS Principal Instructor Doc Blackburn and SANS Certified Instructor Mark Williams share insights and analysis from on our 2023 Visibility and Attack Surface Survey.

Doc Blackburn Principal Instructor, SANS

Mark Williams Certified Instructor, SANS


Survey Says: Your Remediation Process Needs to be Streamlined

Almost all attackers surveyed reported going after vulnerabilities within 7 days of discovery. At the same time, defenders are struggling to meet vulnerability remediation timeframes of 30 days, or more with current processes. This is consistent with defender survey results citing that most defensive programs do not automate tasks like measurement and evaluation. In this 15-minute session, Brinqa Director of Product Marketing Alex Babar we will discuss:

• Why risk-based vulnerability prioritization is essential to ensuring the appropriate SLAs are applied to vulnerabilities

• Key aspects of the remediation process where automation can save time and reduce human error • Best practices for continuously tracking and reporting on remediation progress

Alex Babar Director of Product Marketing, Brinqa


Visibility of the Attack Surface is the First Step to Protecting Networks

Today’s networks are a mix of on-premises, cloud, remote and IoT/OT resources and could all be attack surfaces used by bad actors to infiltrate networks. Visibility into the attack surface – knowing what’s connected to the network and which points are exposed to the Internet, is the first step to protecting your network.

As per the survey, attack surfaces that bad actors use most successfully are visible IP addresses form the Internet and webservers, email and DNS servers. This 15-minute session will include:

• Network tools that help provide visibility for an ever growing attack surface

• How to use DNS, DHCP, and IPAM to improve overall security

Srikrupa Srivatsan Director of Product Marketing, Infoblox


Panel Discussion

Doc and Mark will lead a conversation with sponsor representatives and answer questions from attendees.