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Industrial Control Systems Security Webcasts

SANS Webcasts are live web broadcasts that allow you to hear a knowledgeable speaker while viewing presentation slides that you download in advance. You need either Real Audio Player or Windows Media Player (free downloads are available on the webcast access page), and a SANS Account. If you aren't a member of the Community, just go to the Join Community page and fill in the simple registration form, it's free.

Title Speaker Date Sponsor
Bridging the OT Data to Visibility Divide Jun 30, 2021 Dragos, Inc.
Keysight Technologies, Inc.
Shining a Light on BEC Risk and Fraud: How Active Defense Closes the BEC Intelligence Gap Jun 17, 2021 AGARI
Debunking Top Cloud Misconfiguration Myths May 21, 2021 Tripwire, Inc.
SaaS Security: Balancing Security Risk Management and Business Enablement May 5, 2021 DoControl
Gaining Critical Data-Driven Insight to Effectively Measure and Manage Human Risk May 3, 2021 --
2021 Network Security Report – Three Key Security Trends You Need to Know Apr 27, 2021 Keysight Technologies, Inc.
NEW ICS Cheat-Sheets Review: It’s Not Cheating If You Have an Effective & Safe Approach Apr 16, 2021 --
A step-by-step guide to implementing Moving Target Defense in OT Environments Feb 10, 2021 Dispel
NERC CIP: Continuous Implementation Project or Change Induced Panic? Tim Conway, Jason Christopher Dec 15, 2020 Dragos, Inc.
Manufacturing Cyber Threat Perspective Selena Larson Nov 17, 2020 Dragos, Inc.
5 Considerations for ICS Incident Response Kai Thomsen Oct 6, 2020 Dragos, Inc.
ICS Solutions Forum Oct 1, 2020 Armis
Dragos, Inc.
Revolutionary Security
Nozomi Networks
SANS@MIC - Pen Testing ICS and Other Highly Restricted Environments Don C. Weber Aug 24, 2020 --
Cyber Security 101 for Human Resource Professionals Kelli Tarala Jul 22, 2020 --
Eight Common OT / Industrial Firewall Mistakes Michael Firstenberg Jul 21, 2020 Waterfall Security
ICS Asset Identification: It’s More Than Just Security: A SANS Panel Discussion Mark Bristow Jul 15, 2020 Cisco Systems Inc.
Palo Alto Networks
SANS Oil & Gas Solutions Forum: Objective-based Security Drives Effective Solutions SANS Chairperson: Jason Dely Jul 10, 2020 Dispel
Cisco Umbrella
Tripwire, Inc.
Consulting: What Makes a Good Consultant, from the “Hiring One” and “Being One” perspectives Ted Demopoulos Jul 7, 2020 --
ICS Asset Identification: It\'s More Than Just Security: A SANS Report Mark Bristow Jun 25, 2020 Palo Alto Networks
Cisco Systems Inc.
How to Use NERC CIP: An Overview of the Standards, Their Deployment and How to Use Fortinet Products for Compliance Tim Conway, Peter Newton and Christopher Blauvelt Jun 18, 2020 Fortinet, Inc.
Improving ICS/OT Visibility and Threat Detection with the Dragos Platform Jon Lavender, Ben Miller Jun 2, 2020 Dragos, Inc.
Responding to Incidents in Industrial Control Systems (ICS): Identifying Threats, Reactions and Developing the IR Process Don C. Weber, Eric Knapp and Matt Wiseman May 29, 2020 Honeywell International
How to Better Understand HR to Accomplish our Cybersecurity Goals Jim Michaud May 21, 2020 --
SANS @MIC Talk - Incident Response in ICS in times of Lockdown Kai Thomsen May 13, 2020 --
DISC – SANS ICS Virtual Conference Tim Conway and Robert M. Lee May 1, 2020 --
Leveraging Managed Threat Hunting for an Effective ICS/OT Cybersecurity Program Rob M. Lee and Tim Conway Apr 17, 2020 Dragos, Inc.
SANS CyberCast SANS@MIC - Pen Testing ICS and Other Highly Restricted Environments Don C. Weber Apr 6, 2020 --
MITRE ATT&CK® for ICS Live Demonstration Austin Scott and Robert M. Lee Apr 2, 2020 Dragos, Inc.
SANS CyberCast - SANS@Mic - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love TLS Johannes Ulrich Mar 18, 2020 --
ICS515 update: what’s new in the course and why detection and response in ICS is more important than ever Kai Thomsen Feb 28, 2020 --
STAR Webcast: Cyber Threats To Electric Industry - What You Need to Know Katie Nickels (Host), Rob M. Lee (Guest Speaker), and Tim Conway (Guest Speaker) Feb 12, 2020 --
Securing ICS Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Fortinet: Best Practices for the Real World Barbara Filkins, Don Weber and Peter Newton Feb 5, 2020 Fortinet, Inc.
Why as a DoD Contractor Do I Need to Be CMMC Compliant Katie Arrington Jan 14, 2020 --
Workforce Development What Works – Jason Jury – Booz Allen Hamilton Jason Jury and John Pescatore Dec 4, 2019 --
Six Steps to Effective ICS Threat Hunting Tim Conway, Marc Seitz, Dan Gunter Nov 22, 2019 Dragos, Inc.
Hiring and retaining for the SOC: Recruit, Train, and Retain Talented and Dedicated Staff Christopher Crowley Nov 14, 2019 --
Building on ICS Security Basics—What’s Next? Matt Luallen, Kristen Poulos and Joseph Blankenship Nov 12, 2019 Tripwire, Inc.
Lights Out: Inside the Mind of a Utility Hacker Joseph Carson Sep 25, 2019 Thycotic
Yes, IT and OT Are Converging. So How Does This Affect Compliance? Thomas Nuth and Don C. Weber Sep 18, 2019 Forescout Technologies BV
New hosted course: ICS Cybersecurity for Managers Doug Wylie, Paul Rostick and John Cusimano Aug 29, 2019 --
ICS 612 – Practitioner focused Hands on cybersecurity Tim Conway Aug 21, 2019 --
Neighborhood Keeper: A Collaborative Initiative for Our ICS Community Rob Lee, Tim Conway and Matt Bodman Aug 8, 2019 Dragos, Inc.
Lessons Learned Fighting Modern Cyberthreats in Critical ICS Networks Sandeep Lota and Dean Parsons Jun 27, 2019 Forescout Technologies BV
Converging OT and IT Networks: Where and How to Evolve ICS for Security Barbara Filkins, Doug Wylie, Ilan Barda, Camilo Gomez, and Kim Legelis Jun 19, 2019 Yokogawa Corporation of America
Nozomi Networks
SANS 2019 State of OT/ICS Cybersecurity Survey Jason Dely, Barbara Filkins and Doug Wylie Jun 12, 2019 Nozomi Networks
Forescout Technologies BV
Cisco Systems Inc.
Owl Cyber Defense
Yokogawa Corporation of America
ICS Active Defense Primer Kai Thomsen Jun 10, 2019 --
Actionable IT/OT end point protection to: detect, contain, and respond to limit ICS cyber threats Ron Brash May 22, 2019 Verve
Not sure that you need OT Cybersecurity? A Sentryo Assessment can quickly provide the data and guidance that you need. Tim Conway, Michael Thompson, Bob Foley, Fayce Daira May 13, 2019 Sentryo
NIST Recommendations for ICS & IIoT Security Phil Neray, Michael Powell, Jim McCarthy, Tim Zimmerman Feb 28, 2019 CyberX
The SANS ICS Summit 2019 and What to Expect Robert M. Lee, Tim Conway and Michael Assante Feb 18, 2019 --
Dealing with Remote Access to Critical ICS Infrastructure Justin Searle Feb 11, 2019 --
Demonstration of an ICS attack chain using non-technical exploitation techniques Conor Leach and Jackson Evans-Davies Dec 13, 2018 Honeywell International
Demystifying Security Challenges in Control System Environments and How to Fix Them Larry Vandenaweele Nov 28, 2018 --
Using a Collection Management Framework for ICS Security Operations and Incident Response Tim Conway, Ben Miller and Mark Stacey Nov 14, 2018 Dragos, Inc.
Detection and response services in the ICS environment – The management perspective Soren Egede Knudsen Nov 13, 2018 --
Tales from the Trenches: An Asset Owner’s Take on Tackling ICS Cybersecurity Challenges Brian Proctor and Alex Waitkus Oct 11, 2018 SecurityMatters
CCE — INL’s New Approach to Securing Critical Industrial Infrastructure Andy Bochman and Phil Neray Oct 2, 2018 CyberX
Practical Industrial Control System (ICS) Cybersecurity: IT and OT Have Converged--Discover and Defend Your Assets Ted Gary, Dean Parsons, and Doug Wylie Sep 27, 2018 Tenable
Meeting the Critical Security Controls Using OSSEC John Pescatore, Michael Shinn, and Scott Shinn Sep 20, 2018 Atomicorp
You’re Probably Not Red Teaming (And Usually I’m Not, Either) Deviant Ollam Aug 22, 2018 --
Measuring and Evaluating Cyber Risk in Hazardous Locations Doug Wylie and Ken Modeste Aug 15, 2018 --
All Your Network Traffic Are Belong to Us - VPNFilter Malware and Implications for ICS Tim Conway, Doug Wylie and Phil Neray Jul 25, 2018 CyberX
The State of Industrial IoT Barbara Filkins, Doug Wylie, Barak Perelman, Bradford Hegrat, and Wayne Dixon Jul 19, 2018 Accenture
Forescout Technologies BV
Threat Management Made Easy: How to Protect Your ICS Network with Less Effort Dennis Murphy and Dean Parsons Jun 7, 2018 SecurityMatters
A Sneak Peek at the New ICS410 Justin Searle Jun 4, 2018 --
Defending Against the Rising Tide of Industrial CyberThreats: An OT CyberSecurity Case Study Eduardo Di Monte and Patrick McBride May 23, 2018 Claroty Inc.
Passive, Active or Hybrid Monitoring: What is the right choice for your ICS Network? Barak Perelman May 17, 2018 Indegy
ICS Active Defense Primer Part 2 Kai Thomsen May 11, 2018 --
ICS Active Defense Primer Kai Thomsen Apr 17, 2018 --
Anatomy of the TRITON ICS Cyberattack Justin Searle and Phil Neray Mar 30, 2018 CyberX
Securing industrial control systems: A peek into building automation security Thomas Brandstetter Mar 16, 2018 --
Canadian Webcast Series Part 4: Protecting Data in a Multi-Cloud Environment & Pentesting Modern Web Applications Troy Davidson and Adrien de Beaupre Mar 15, 2018 --
Canadian Webcast Series Part 3: ICS Defense: It’s Not a “Copy-Paste” From an IT Playbook & Importance of Intrusion Detection in a Compromised Prone World Dean Parsons and Nik Alleyne Mar 8, 2018 --
Canadian Webcast Series Part 2: Real-world Pentesting – It’s About Bringing Value, not Being l33t & Deeper Dive Digital Forensics Stephen Mathezer and Kevin Ripa Mar 1, 2018 --
When IoT Attacks - Understanding the Safety Risks Associated with Connected Devices Billy Rios Feb 19, 2018 --
An Inside Look at the Newly Updated ICS515 Course Robert M. Lee Feb 15, 2018 --
Cyber Insurance Conundrum: Using CIS Critical Security Controls for Underwriting Cyber Risk- A Masters Degree Candidate Presentation Oleg Bogomolniy Jan 31, 2018 --
Are You in Control? Managing the CIS Critical Security Controls within your Enterprise Matt Bromiley and Andrew Kozloski Jan 25, 2018 Hitachi Systems Security
Certifying Cyber Personnel Who Protect the Electric Grid Tim Conway Jan 16, 2018 --
Who Owns ICS Security? Fusing IT, OT, & IIoT Security in the Corporate SOC. Doug Wylie and Phil Neray Dec 14, 2017 CyberX
Global Response and Industrial Defense (GRID) Certification - What ICS Defenders Need to Know Robert M. Lee Dec 13, 2017 --
Driving Better Cybersecurity for Industrial Networks and Critical Infrastructure Dan Desruisseaux and Patrick McBride Dec 8, 2017 Claroty Inc.
The Four Types of Threat Detection for ICS Security Robert M. Lee Nov 21, 2017 Dragos, Inc.
NotPetya, Dragonfly 2.0 & CrashOverride: Is Now the Time for Active Cyber Defense in ICS/SCADA Networks? Mike Assante and Phil Neray Oct 12, 2017 CyberX
The Top 20 ICS Cyber Attacks And how to use them to improve IIoT and cloud security designs Tim Conway and Andrew Ginter Sep 19, 2017 Waterfall Security
Hitting the Security Sweet Spot with Honeypots in ICS Networks Brent Huston Sep 12, 2017 --
Know Thy Network - Cisco Firepower and CIS Critical Security Controls 1 & 2 Ryan Firth Aug 15, 2017 --
Roadmap to a Secure Smart Infrastructure Barbara Filkins and Tod Beardsley Aug 10, 2017 Rapid7 Inc.
Protecting the Critical: An innovative approach to defending your Industrial Control Systems Mike Assante, Christopher Blask, and Stuart Phillips Aug 8, 2017 Unisys
SANS ICS Briefing: Defending Energy Systems Robert M. Lee, Stuart Bailey, Nick Cappi, and Jason Farmer Jul 13, 2017 Cylance
Tripwire, Inc.
Arbor Networks
Claroty Inc.
Waterfall Security
The 2017 State of Industrial Control System Security—Part 2: Protection, Prevention and Convergence Bengt Gregory-Brown, Doug Wylie, Katherine Brocklehurst, Erik Giesa and David Zahn Jul 12, 2017 Nozomi Networks
Great Bay Software
Tripwire, Inc.
ICS Cyber Security in The Real-World: Demonstrating Threat Detection and Mitigation In Industrial Networks Dana Tamir and Chris Grove Jul 12, 2017 Indegy
The 2017 State of Industrial Control System Security-Part 1: Personnel, Threats and Tools Bengt Gregory-Brown, Doug Wylie, Edgard Capdevielle and Ty Powers Jul 11, 2017 PAS
Tripwire, Inc.
Nozomi Networks
Great Bay Software
CRASHOVERIDE - Detecting and Mitigating the Electric Grid Targeted Malware Mike Assante, Robert M. Lee, and Dan Gunter Jul 7, 2017 --
Securing Critical Infrastructure Organizations against the Next Cyber Breach: Best Practices for organizations leveraging Managed Services Jim Hollar and Gib Sorebo Jun 28, 2017 RSA
New Threat Vectors for ICS/SCADA Networks -- and How to Prepare for Them Michael Assante and Phil Neray Jun 27, 2017 CyberX
Evaluation Criteria for ICS Cyber Security Monitoring with Rockwell Automation and Claroty Umair Masud and Patrick McBride Jun 7, 2017 Claroty Inc.
Rockwell Automation
Defending the ICS Ahead of the Patch: WannaCry Lessons Learned Mike Assante, Joe Slowik, and Ben Miller May 26, 2017 --
The Road to Increased Asset Visibility: Building an Effective ICS Security Strategy Aruna Sreeram and Eric Cornelius May 24, 2017 Leidos
IIOT and Megacities 2025 Mike Assante and Andy Bochman May 10, 2017 --
Improvements to Critical Control 12 Steve Jaworski May 2, 2017 --
Exploring the Unknown ICS Threat Landscape Robert M. Lee, Ben Miller, and Mike Assante Apr 18, 2017 Dragos, Inc.
ICS Hacking Exposed Clint Bodungen and Phil Neray Mar 28, 2017 CyberX
A Case Study: Exploring Potential Attack Methods and Sophisticated Security Defenses for the World\'s Power Plants Patrick McBride Mar 24, 2017 Claroty Inc.
Cybersecuring DoD ICS Systems Michael Chipley Mar 14, 2017 --
Digital Ghost: Turning the Tables on Cyber Attacks in Industrial Systems Michael Assante and Robert Garry Feb 1, 2017 GE
A Case Study: Developing an Innovative ICS Security Program and Real-Time OT Monitoring Capability for Oil and Gas Infrastructures Greg Villano, Matt Morris, and Patrick McBride Dec 9, 2016 Claroty Inc.
Practical ICS Cyber Security for the Process Industry James McGlone and Jim Gilsinn Nov 2, 2016 --
Prioritizing the CIS Critical Controls for ICS: Learning from recent incidents Mike Assante, Tim Conway, and Walt Sikora Oct 24, 2016 Leidos
Incorporating ICS Cybersecurity Into Water Utility Master Planning Jason Dely Sep 6, 2016 --
Running a Better Red Team Through Understanding ICS/SCADA Adversary Tactics Robert M. Lee Aug 10, 2016 --
Demystifying Cyber Attacks on ICS: How They Work and How to Use Engineered and Cyber Layer of Protections Bryan L. Singer, CISSP, CAP Aug 2, 2016 --
ICS-Houston Security Briefing Jul 26, 2016 Waterfall Security
Ultra Electronics, 3eTI
Palo Alto Networks
Where Are We Now?: The SANS 2016 ICS Survey Derek Harp, Bengt Gregory-Brown, Arabella Hallawell, David Meltzer, Christopher Strand and Jason Trost Jun 29, 2016 Belden
Arbor Networks
Carbon Black
What we all need to learn from recent ICS incidents Mike Assante and Tim Conway Jun 20, 2016 --
ICS Network Segmentation Brett Young and Dan Morrow Jun 7, 2016 --
Learn to Trust Your Insecure ICS Networks Lisa Lorenzin and David Mattes May 3, 2016 --
The Frankenstein Framework - Assembling the Pieces to Enhance ICS Security Without Creating a Monster Justin Opatrny Jan 27, 2016 --
The Top 20 Security Controls Adapted to ICS Wm. Arthur Conklin Dec 9, 2015 --
Noise Matters in Every Industrial Control System Doug Wylie Nov 11, 2015 --
How NERC and CIP are making a difference Tim Conway Nov 3, 2015 --
Security Awareness Programs and NERC CIP Lance Spitzner and Tim Conway Oct 7, 2015 --
ICS Cybersecurity: Models for Success Michael Assante and Robert M. Lee Oct 6, 2015 --
NERC CIP: Hot Topics Tim Conway and Ted Gutierrez Sep 9, 2015 --
Hacking the Hospital Billy Rios Sep 8, 2015 --
Car Wars Episode I: Hacker Menace Mike Assante and Matthew Carpenter Sep 4, 2015 --
CIP V6 NOPR What You Need to Think About Mike Assante and Tim Conway Aug 19, 2015 --
Onboarding the ICS Mindset into Cyber Security Controls Jason Dely Aug 13, 2015 --
Cyber Security Strategies: Protecting Your ICS Investments a discussion with Ultra-3eti and Mike Assante of SANS Michael Assante and Alex Tarter, Ph.D. Jul 23, 2015 Ultra Electronics, 3eTI
APTs in ICS - Understanding and Preparing for the Rising Threat Landscape in Critical Infrastructure Mike Assante and Del Rodillas Jul 22, 2015 Palo Alto Networks
The Sliding Scale of Cyber Security Robert M. Lee Jul 22, 2015 --
Challenges and Strategies for Addressing the NERC CIP Version 5 Training Requirements Michael Assante, Tim Conway, and Ted Gutierrez Jul 15, 2015 --
The State of Security in Control Systems Today: A SANS Survey Webcast Derek Harp, Adam Meyer and Ted Gary Jun 25, 2015 Tenable
SurfWatch Labs
Implementing an ICS Active Defense Strategy Robert M. Lee Jun 18, 2015 --
Industrial Control Systems Security Briefing 2015 Jun 2, 2015 Palo Alto Networks
NexDefense, Inc.
Achieving ICS Network Security Monitoring and Visibility with Flow Data Robert M. Lee and Chris Sanders May 27, 2015 --
Protecting Critical Infrastructure by Transforming Threat Intelligence into an Effective Defense Mike Assante and Mark Trump Apr 9, 2015 BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
Advanced ICS Cybersecurity: Moving Beyond Defense in-Depth to an Intelligence-Driven Approach Mike Assante, Rich Mahler, and Rob Michael Lee Mar 12, 2015 Leidos
An Overview of ICS 515 - Active Defense Rob M. Lee Feb 3, 2015 --
BlackEnergy 2: ICS-Focused Threats Mike Assante, Tim Conway, Robert Huber Dec 2, 2014 --
Enabling Network Monitoring to Become System Intelligence Graham Speake Oct 9, 2014 --
ICS 515: Active Defense and Response Sneak Peak Robert M. Lee Sep 11, 2014 --
Industrial Control Systems Security Briefing Jul 22, 2014 Ioactive Inc.
Palo Alto Networks
Waterfall Security
Defending ICS Against Cyberthreats with Next Generation Security Michael Assante, Del Rodillas Apr 29, 2014 Palo Alto Networks
SANS Survey on Control Systems Security Matthew Luallen, Derek Harp, Marc Blackmer, Paul Asadoorian, Jason Ostermann and Billy Rios Apr 1, 2014 Raytheon | Websense
Cisco Systems Inc.
SANS Securing The Human for ICS Engineers Michael Assante Mar 6, 2014 --
ICS Attack Surfaces Dr. Eric Cole Mar 3, 2014 --
SANS Asia-Pacific Series: Industrial Control System (ICS) Cybersecurity Response to Physical Breaches - A How-To Guide Michael Assante Feb 5, 2014 --
Industrial Control System (ICS) Cybersecurity Response to Physical Breaches - A How-To Guide Michael Assante Feb 4, 2014 Alert Enterprise
Improving Security Through IT/OT Collaboration Graham Speake Jan 7, 2014 --

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