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SANS Webcasts are live web broadcasts that allow you to hear a knowledgeable speaker while viewing presentation slides that you download in advance. You need either Real Audio Player or Windows Media Player (free downloads are available on the webcast access page), and a SANS Account. If you aren't a member of the Community, just go to the Join Community page and fill in the simple registration form, it's free.

Title Speaker Date Sponsor
Would Your Organization Fail the Active Directory Security Assessment? Jun 22, 2021 Semperis
Shining a Light on BEC Risk and Fraud: How Active Defense Closes the BEC Intelligence Gap Jun 17, 2021 AGARI
Evolution of APT Activity Jun 8, 2021 VirusTotal
It Is Always DNS, SUNBURST Confirms May 25, 2021 ExtraHop
MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluation #3: A behind the scenes tour and why it matters to you May 25, 2021 Cisco Systems Inc.
Debunking Top Cloud Misconfiguration Myths May 21, 2021 Tripwire, Inc.
Tiered disaster recovery: Protecting data from ransomware and other accidents May 12, 2021 Synology
Fireside Chat: Modern Cyber Threats require Modern Security Practices May 11, 2021 Chronicle
SaaS Security: Balancing Security Risk Management and Business Enablement May 5, 2021 DoControl
SANS Foundations Demo & New to Cyber Summit Recap May 4, 2021 --
Gaining Critical Data-Driven Insight to Effectively Measure and Manage Human Risk May 3, 2021 --
The Shift to Cloud - Why SASE Changes Security Considerations Apr 30, 2021 Netskope
2021 Network Security Report – Three Key Security Trends You Need to Know Apr 27, 2021 Keysight Technologies, Inc.
Threat-Informed Defense and Purple Team Operations: Lessons from the Pentagon and U.S. Cyber Command Apr 16, 2021 AttackIQ
SANS Summit Highlights: Cyber Defense Mark Baggett, Mark Morowczynski, Yochana Henderson, Gabriel Currie, Will Oram, Saurabh Wadhwa, Christopher Lopez Apr 8, 2021 --
XSOAR HANDS-ON WORKSHOP: Take Your SOC To The Next Level! Brad Green Mar 30, 2021 Palo Alto Networks
What if security vendors told the truth? Mar 17, 2021 BTB Security
ExtraHop Reveal(x) Presents Hands-On Network Detection & Response Mar 16, 2021 ExtraHop
Life is a Bit Easier with Mick Douglas, Flynn Weeks Feb 3, 2021 --
Bringing validity to defense-in-depth Paul Ewing, Moises Cosio, Jake Williams Dec 9, 2020 Elasticsearch, Inc
The Encryption and Password Hashing Recipe (with a little salt) Bryan Simon Nov 20, 2020 --
Assessing & Defending IoT Networks for All-Around Defenders Ismael Valezuela, Justin Henderson Oct 28, 2020 --
What’s New in SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style Bryan Simon Sep 10, 2020 --
PowerShell 2020: State of the Art / Hack / Infection Jason Fossen Sep 9, 2020 --
Decrypt all the Things: How Encryption is Impacting Network-Based Security Controls Eric Conrad Aug 19, 2020 --
Evolving Defenses Seth Misenar Aug 19, 2020 Cisco Systems Inc.
SANS@MIC - Leveraging Telegram for OSINT purposes Nico Dekens Aug 17, 2020 --
Cleaning Up Our Cyber Hygiene Russell Eubanks, Randy Marchany, Tony Sager Aug 7, 2020 --
Understanding and Leveraging the MITRE ATT&CK® Framework: A SANS Roundtable John Hubbard Aug 6, 2020 ExtraHop
Closing the Critical Skills Gap for Modern and Effective Security Operations Centers (SOCs): Panel Discussion John Pescatore Jul 30, 2020 ExtraHop
Reversing Labs
Social Engineering Your Way to Success Justin Henderson, Ismael Valenzuela Jul 29, 2020 --
Closing the Critical Skills Gap for Modern and Effective Security Operations Centers (SOCs): Survey Results John Pescatore Jul 29, 2020 Awake Security
Reversing Labs
Cisco Systems Inc.
SANS@MIC -Get Involved! Use Your OSINT Powers for Good! Jeff Lomas Jul 22, 2020 --
SANS@MIC- Git\'ing Users for OSINT: Analysis of All GitHub Users Micah Hoffman Jul 15, 2020 --
4 Secrets to Power Charge Your SOC - How prevention and detection can deliver new work stream efficiencies Jacob Williams, Adam Licate, Alpesh Mote Jul 8, 2020 Broadcom
CISSP Test-Taking Tactics: Successfully Navigating Adaptive Exams Seth Misenar Jun 29, 2020 --
How to Present Cyber Security Risk to Senior Leadership James Tarala Jun 25, 2020 --
SANS@MIC -Threat Hunting via DNS Eric Conrad Jun 24, 2020 --
Leverage DNS OSINT at Scale Taylor Wilkes-Pierce Jun 15, 2020 DomainTools
Supercharge your security operations with the brand new MGT551 - Building and Leading Security Operations Centers! John Hubbard Jun 12, 2020 --
Network Compromise for the Technically Challenged (Dummies) Doc Blackburn Jun 11, 2020 --
How to Eliminate Alert Fatigue by Turbo-Charging Splunk Phantom with Corelight NSM Richard Bejlich , Wissam Ali-Ahmad, Troy Moore, Mark Overholser Jun 11, 2020 Corelight
Getting engineering and security teams building together Evan Johnson Jun 10, 2020 Cloudfare
Putting Your SOC to the Test John Hubbard Jun 10, 2020 --
CISSP Cram Session Eric Conrad Jun 8, 2020 --
Danger Stewards – Measuring Risk and Predicting the Future for Fun and Profit Doc Blackburn May 26, 2020 --
Five Ways To Cut Costs in Your SOC Mark Orlando May 21, 2020 --
SANS @MIC Talk - Moving Past Just Googling It: Harvesting and Using OSINT Micah Hoffman May 20, 2020 --
SANS @MIC Talk - Tricking modern endpoint security products Michel Coene May 18, 2020 --
SANS @MIC Talk - Using the OSINT Mind-State for Better Online Investigations Nico Dekens May 11, 2020 --
Adversary emulation using CALDERA – Building custom plugins – Part #3 Erik Van Buggenhout May 4, 2020 --
From the edge to the endpoint and back - using your security tools together for a faster threat response – even in a work from home world Ben Greenbaum and Player Pate Apr 22, 2020 Cisco Systems Inc.
Journey to Becoming an All-Around Defender Ismael Valenzuela, Justin Henderson Apr 22, 2020 --
Preventing File-Based Threats Erik Yunghans and Dave Shackleford Apr 16, 2020 Palo Alto Networks
Purple Team Tactics: A Technical Look at Windows 10 Exploit Mitigations Stephen Sims Apr 15, 2020 --
Detection, Meet Response: Why Automated Enrichment is Key to SOC Effectiveness Jason Mical Apr 14, 2020 Devo Technology, Inc.
DNS is Changing. So What? Johannes Ullrich Apr 14, 2020 Cisco Systems Inc.
SANS CyberCast - SANS@Mic - Successful Infosec Consulting, Getting Clients Deep Dive Ted Demopoulos Apr 13, 2020 --
Got Sysmon? How to Deploy Sysmon and Collect the Logs in an Enterprise Environment Scott Lynch Apr 9, 2020 --
Common SOAR Use Cases to Boost Your SOC Jay Spann Apr 7, 2020 Swimlane
SANS CyberCast SANS@MIC - Are You Certifiable? Ron Hamann Apr 1, 2020 --
Adversary emulation using CALDERA – Building custom abilities – Part #2 Erik Van Buggenhout Apr 1, 2020 --
What To Do When Moving to The Cloud Kenneth Hartman, Kyle Dickinson, Ryan Nicholson Mar 30, 2020 --
Leveraging TheHive & Cortex for automated IR Erik Van Buggenhout Mar 20, 2020 --
Container Security: Building a Solid Foundation for All Round Defenders Justin Henderson Mar 19, 2020 --
Faster, Better, AND Cheaper: Improving security operations using open source tools John Hubbard Mar 17, 2020 --
SANS CyberCast - SANS@Mic - Moving Past Just Googling It: Harvesting and Using OSINT Micah Hoffman Mar 16, 2020 --
Finding Answers Faster Using OSINT and DFIR Skills Jeff Lomas Feb 28, 2020 --
Architecting for Security Operations: Divide and Conquer! Ismael Valenzuela and Rob Gresham Feb 26, 2020 --
Will that be one log or two? Logging before, during, and after an attack. Craig Bowser Feb 19, 2020 --
Bringing IT and security together: How Microsoft is reinventing threat and vulnerability management Tomer Teller Feb 18, 2020 Microsoft
When a Plan Comes Together: Building a SOC “A-Team” Mark Orlando Feb 18, 2020 --
Discover and Eliminate Cyberattack Pathways to Critical Assets with Illusive Networks Attack Surface Manager Dave Shackleford and Wade Lance Feb 12, 2020 Illusive Networks
Cloud Logging and Security Justin Henderson Feb 11, 2020 --
What Really Matters to Security Teams: Endpoint Security Priorities for 2020 Dave Gruber and Eric Howard Jan 14, 2020 Cisco Systems Inc.
Contain Thyself: How to Perform Log Collection and Analysis from Container Based Technologies Justin Henderson Jan 9, 2020 --
Operations Security (OPSEC) tradecraft tips for online Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Research Nico Dekens Jan 7, 2020 --
10 Visibility Gaps Every CISO Must Fill Russell Eubanks Dec 13, 2019 Cisco Systems Inc.
OUTFIGHT the adversary: Anticipate threats instead of reacting to them Dr. Abdul Rahman and Dave Shackleford Dec 11, 2019 Fidelis Cybersecurity
The SANS Purple Team Curriculum - SEC599 and SEC699 Erik Van Buggenhout Dec 11, 2019 --
OUTMANEUVER the adversary-Alter your cyber terrain by making attacks more difficult Dr. Abdul Rahman and Dave Shackleford Dec 5, 2019 Fidelis Cybersecurity
3 Critical Concepts That New SOC Analysts Must Master John Hubbard Dec 2, 2019 --
Beyond detection: An Exploration of Key Pillars of the Next-gen SIEM Jason Mical and Justin Henderson Nov 21, 2019 Devo Technology, Inc.
OUTPERFORM the adversary with tactical decision-making and rapid response Craig Harber and Dave Shackleford Nov 20, 2019 Fidelis Cybersecurity
SANS Dark Web Solutions Forum - Illuminating the Dark Web: Harvesting and Using OSINT Data from Dark Web Resources Micah Hoffman Nov 15, 2019 RecordedFuture
Terbium Labs
Viavi Solutions
Sophos Inc.
Hear me SOAR - Using Elastic, ElastAlert and TheHive in an effective purple team pipeline Michel Coene Nov 6, 2019 --
Securing Your Modern Data Center Christer Swartz and Dave Shackleford Oct 30, 2019 Palo Alto Networks
Attacking and Defending Cloud Metadata Services Eric Johnson Oct 30, 2019 --
Have You Taken The \"Endpoint Blue Pill\"? Debunking The Endpoint Protection Myth. Justin Henderson and Ismael Valenzuela Oct 25, 2019 Cisco Systems Inc.
Untapped Potential: Getting the most out of your SIEM Justin Henderson and John Hubbard Oct 24, 2019 --
Power up your Security Operations Center’s human capital with the new SEC450 Part 2 - Blue Team Fundamentals…Finding and training the right people! John Hubbard Oct 16, 2019 --
Manage Vulnerabilities through the Software Lifecycle: How to Enable Secure DevOps Andrei Bezdedeanu and Brandon Helms Oct 4, 2019 ZeroNorth
Red, Blue and Purple Teams: Combining Your Security Capabilities for the Best Outcome Chris Dale and Bobby Kuzma Oct 3, 2019 Core Security Technologies
NetOps and SecOps: “Can’t We All Just Get Along?" Scott Register and Ryan Davis Sep 26, 2019 Ixia
Learn about the New SIEM Poster - Architecture, Enrichment, and More Justin Henderson Sep 26, 2019 --
Power up your Security Operations Center with the new SEC450 Part 1 - Blue Team Fundamentals…Creating an on-ramp for new defenders! John Hubbard Sep 16, 2019 --
Purple Teaming: The Pen-Test Grows Up Bryce Galbraith Aug 22, 2019 --
Leveraging OSINT for Better DFIR Investigations Jeff Lomas and Micah Hoffman Aug 20, 2019 --
The Age of Autonomous Breach Protection: Prepare, confront and Respond to Cyberthreats Across the Entire Environment Yiftach Keshet and Dave Shackleford Aug 7, 2019 Cynet
Leading Change for CISOs Lance Spitzner Jul 3, 2019 Cisco Systems Inc.
Power up your Security Operations Center’s human capital with the new SEC450 Part 2 - Blue Team Fundamentals…Finding and training the right people! John Hubbard Jun 5, 2019 --
The Future of Authentication: How Two Factor Authentication is Dying and What’s Next Johannes Ullrich Jun 4, 2019 Yubico, Inc.
Cloud Security Automation: Monitoring and Operations Frank Kim May 28, 2019 --
Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering – Part 3: Protect your Lunch Money – Keeping the Thieves at Bay Ismael Valenzuela and Justin Henderson May 24, 2019 --
SEC599: Defeating Advanced Adversaries – Discover what’s NEW in Purple Team….Latest course updates! Erik Van Buggenhout May 22, 2019 --
Power up your Security Operations Center with the new SEC450 Part 1 - Blue Team Fundamentals: Creating an on-ramp for new defenders! John Hubbard May 15, 2019 --
Gaining a Decisive Advantage Through Terrain Based Cyber Defense Craig Harber and Rami Mizrahi May 8, 2019 Fidelis Cybersecurity
Sharing Alerts and Threat Intelligence with MISP Justin Henderson and John Hubbard May 1, 2019 --
The Future of Phishing: It’s all about your customers Dave Shackleford & Elad Schulman Apr 30, 2019 Segasec
Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering – Part 2: Thinking Red, Acting Blue – Mindset & Actions Ismael Valenzuela and Justin Henderson Apr 30, 2019 --
Alert Investigations in the SOC - Building Your Workflow Justin Henderson John Hubbard Apr 10, 2019 --
Purple PowerShell: Current attack strategies & defenses Erik Van Buggenhout Apr 10, 2019 --
Cloud Security and DevOps Automation: Keys for Modern Security Success Eric Johnson Apr 9, 2019 --
Vulnerability Management for the Enterprise and Cloud Jonathan Risto Apr 2, 2019 --
All Your Data Belongs to Us: How to Defend Against Credential Stuffing Johannes Ullrich Apr 2, 2019 --
Defensible Security Architecture and Engineering – Part 1: How to become an All-Round Defender - the Secret Sauce Ismael Valenzuela, Justin Henderson Mar 29, 2019 --
Purple Kerberos: Current attack strategies & defenses Erik Van Buggenhout Mar 11, 2019 --
Top 10 Writing Mistakes in Cybersecurity and How You Can Avoid Them Lenny Zeltser Feb 22, 2019 --
Leveraging MITRE ATT&CK and ATT&CK Navigator Erik Van Buggenhout Feb 21, 2019 --
MITRE ATT&CK and Sigma Alerting Justin Henderson and John Hubbard Feb 13, 2019 --
Network Visualizations: Understand what\'s happening faster and easier than ever! Mick Douglas Jan 23, 2019 --
Using OSINT for Cryptocurrency Attribution Kirby Plessas Dec 17, 2018 --
Zero Trust Architecture Justin Henderson Nov 21, 2018 --
Automation Nation Justin Henderson and John Hubbard Nov 8, 2018 --
More Bad Data Justin Henderson and John Hubbard Nov 7, 2018 --
Prioritizing Log Enrichment Justin Henderson and John Hubbard Nov 6, 2018 --
Windows Defender Exploit Guard for Windows 10 Steve Sims Oct 30, 2018 --
SIEMtervention Justin Henderson Oct 24, 2018 --
The Cybersecurity Talent Gap: An Unforeseen Impediment to Fast and Effective Incident Remediation Austin Murphy and Brandon Wunderle Oct 17, 2018 CrowdStrike, Inc.
Consuming OSINT: Watching You Eat, Drink, and Sleep Micah Hoffman and John TerBush Oct 16, 2018 --
Kolide & OSQuery - How to build solid queries & packs for incident detection & threat hunting Erik Van Buggenhout and Steve Sims Oct 15, 2018 --
Data-Centric Security Justin Henderson Oct 10, 2018 --
Perimeter Security and Why it is Obsolete Justin Henderson Sep 18, 2018 --
Trust No One: Introducing SEC530: Defensible Security Architecture Eric Conrad Sep 17, 2018 --
YARA - Effectively using and generating rules Erik Van Buggenhout and Didier Stevens Sep 11, 2018 --
Security Essentials Core Concepts Ted Demopoulos Jul 30, 2018 --
Managing Cloud Security Dave Shackleford and Greg Mayfield Jul 26, 2018 Tenable
The Perimeter is Dead: Introducing SEC530: Defensible Security Architecture Justin Henderson and Eric Conrad Jul 26, 2018 --
High Fidelity Alerts: Alert vs Anomaly – A sibling rivalry Justin Henderson and Tim Garcia Jul 24, 2018 --
Collecting OSINT: Grabbing Your Data Now to Use Later Micah Hoffman and Josh Huff Jul 17, 2018 --
High Fidelity Alerts: Context for your context Justin Henderson and Kevin Wilcox Jun 27, 2018 --
What is Purple Team? Updates to SEC599 Chris Gates, Erik Van Buggenhout and Stephen Sims Jun 20, 2018 --
Visibility on the Network: A Tactical CTI-Based Approach - A SANS Master\'s Degree Presentation Alfredo Hickman May 31, 2018 --
High Fidelity Alerts: How to create custom alerts like a pro Justin Henderson and John Hubbard May 30, 2018 --
SANS New Course for Cyber Defense - SEC599: Defeating Advanced Adversaries - Implementing Kill Chain Defenses Erik Van Buggenhout May 30, 2018 --
Why Zero Trust Security is Essential for Your Cloud and Data Center Dave Shackleford & Adam LeWinter, Security Technologist at Edgewise May 25, 2018 Edgewise
Automate Threat Detection and Incident Response: SANS Review of RSA NetWitness Maor Franco, Ahmed Tantawy, and Dave Shackleford May 16, 2018 RSA
OSINT for Defenders: Adventures in Honeytokens and Leaked Data Micah Hoffman and Justin Henderson May 3, 2018 --
A Secure Approach to Deploying Wireless Networks- A SANS Master\'s Degree Presentation Joseph Matthews Apr 25, 2018 --
One Detect to Win: Tactical Application Detection Justin Henderson and Tim Garcia Apr 18, 2018 --
Practical Approach to Detecting and Preventing Web Application Attacks over HTTP/2- A SANS Master\'s Degree Presentation Russel Van Tuyl Apr 11, 2018 --
Stop Really Nasty Malware, Pre- and Post-Execution: A SANS Review of the enSilo Endpoint Security Platform Dave Shackleford Mar 22, 2018 Ensilo
One Detect to Win: Tactical Endpoint Detection Justin Henderson and Stephen Mathezer Mar 21, 2018 --
SideSwipe: A PowerShell tool that allows you to detect lateral movement easily and quickly Michael Douglas Mar 21, 2018 --
Canadian Webcast Series Part 4: Protecting Data in a Multi-Cloud Environment & Pentesting Modern Web Applications Troy Davidson and Adrien de Beaupre Mar 15, 2018 --
Canadian Webcast Series Part 3: ICS Defense: It’s Not a “Copy-Paste” From an IT Playbook & Importance of Intrusion Detection in a Compromised Prone World Dean Parsons and Nik Alleyne Mar 8, 2018 --
Baselines for Easier Detection: So easy there\'s no more excuses! Michael Douglas Mar 8, 2018 --
GIAC Certification for SIEM Justin Henderson Mar 7, 2018 --
OSINT for Pentesters: Finding Targets and Enumerating Systems Micah Hoffman and David Mashburn Mar 2, 2018 --
Looking Under the Rock: Deployment Strategies for TLS Decryption- A Master\'s Degree Presentation Chris Farrell Feb 28, 2018 --
One Detect to Win: Tactical Network Detection Mick Douglas and Josh Johnson Feb 21, 2018 --
Improving Your Defenses - EMET & Window Defender Exploit Guard Erik Van Buggenhout and Stephen Sims Feb 13, 2018 --
OSINT for Everyone: Understanding Risks and Protecting Your Data Micah Hoffman and Josh Huff Feb 1, 2018 --
How to Build & Maintain an Open Source SIEM John Hubbard and Justin Henderson Jan 24, 2018 --
Improving Your Defenses - CredentialGuard in Windows 10 Erik Van Buggenhout and Stephen Sims Jan 9, 2018 --
SANS Security Operations Center (SOC) Briefing Nov 17, 2017 Digital Guardian
Modern Log Parsing and Enrichment with SIEM Justin Henderson and John Hubbard Nov 8, 2017 --
EDR vs SIEM - Place your bet! The fight is on Justin Henderson Oct 20, 2017 --
New Threats Posed by Misuse of Legitimate Websites, End-to-End Encryption Technologies and Countermeasures, A SANS Technology Institute Master’s Candidate Presentation Paul Tang Oct 18, 2017 --
Detecting Modern PowerShell Attacks with SIEM Justin Henderson and Tim Garcia Oct 4, 2017 --
SANS Asia-Pacific Webcast Series- Standard Logs Made into Actionable Detects Tim Garcia and Justin Henderson Oct 3, 2017 --
SIEM Design & Architecture Justin Henderson and John Hubbard Sep 6, 2017 --
Intrusion Detection Through Relationship Analysis, A SANS Technology Institute Master’s Degree Presentation Patrick Neise Jun 14, 2017 --
SecOps principles to close gaps in Vulnerability Management Ken Hilker and John Pescatore Jun 9, 2017 Flexera Software
SANS Asia-Pacific Webcast Series- Powercat has Power: A PowerShell Implementation of Netcat Mick Douglas May 30, 2017 --
The New Reality: Centralizing Security when Your Network is Decentralizing Michael Knapp and Dave Shackleford May 25, 2017 Forcepoint LLC
Future SOCs: Results of the 2017 SANS Survey on Security Operations Centers, Part 2 Christopher Crowley, Braden Preston, Jim Wachhaus and Ksenia Coffman May 18, 2017 Carbon Black
Tripwire, Inc.
NETSCOUT Systems, Inc.
SOCs Grow Up to Protect, Defend, Respond: Results of the 2017 SANS Survey on Security Operations Centers, Part 1 Chris Crowley, Alex Valdivia, James Carder and John Markott May 17, 2017 Carbon Black
Tripwire, Inc.
NETSCOUT Systems, Inc.
Ready, Aim, Protect With Total Endpoint Protection Eran Ashkenazi and G. W. Ray Davidson, PhD Apr 18, 2017 SentinelOne
Six stages of an attack: The Art of Detection Richard Harlan and Matt Bromiley Apr 5, 2017 Cybereason
Application White-listing through Bit9 aka Parity aka Carbon Black Protect - A Masters Candidate Webcast Michael Weeks Feb 21, 2017 --
Implementing and Maintaining a DevSecOps Approach in the Cloud - Tips, tricks, operational and security best practices George Gerchow and Mark Bloom Jan 25, 2017 Sumo Logic
Enhanced Application Security for the Financial Industry Steve Kosten and Mike Ware Jan 17, 2017 Synopsys
Implementing the 5th Critical Security Control: Controlled Use of Administrative Privilege Paul Ackerman Nov 11, 2016 --
How to Leverage The Critical Controls in 2016 Randy Marchany Jan 19, 2016 --
How to Build a Cybersecurity Platform the Easy Way Keith Palmgren Nov 10, 2015 Sophos Inc.
SANS and CIS Critical Security Controls Briefing Tony Sager, Jane Holl Lute, Ann Barron-DiCamillo, John Pescatore, and James Tarala Oct 16, 2015 Symantec
How To Frustrate Your Adversary: Active Defense, Offensive Countermeasures & Cyber Deception with Bryce Galbraith - Part 1 Bryce Galbraith Sep 30, 2015 --
Strategies to Address SANS Critical Controls 10 and 11 - Secure Configurations and Control of Network Devices John Pescatore, SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends, SANS Institute, Michelle Cobb, VP of Worldwide Marketing, Skybox Security, Brian Kelly, Sales Engineer Skybox Security Sep 24, 2015 Skybox Security, Inc.
Critical Security Controls Update: How to Keep Pace with Advanced Endpoint Threats John Pescatore and Hermes Bojaxhi Sep 16, 2015 RSA
The Current Reality: Defending a Compromised Network Dr. Eric Cole Aug 26, 2015 --
Detect, Contain, and Control Cyberthreats Dr. Eric Cole and Ashok Sankar Aug 21, 2015 Raytheon | Websense
What's New in Windows 10 and Server 2016? Jason Fossen Aug 10, 2015 --
Make it Hard for the Adversary: Learn Offensive Counter Measures with John Strand John Strand Jul 16, 2015 --
10 Biggest Mistakes in Implementing Continuous Monitoring Ismael Valenzuela Jul 1, 2015 --
Visibility, Analytics, & Action: A strategy to address Critical Control 4 - Continuous Vulnerability Assessment & Remediation John Pescatore, Michelle Cobb, and Sean Keef Jun 17, 2015 Skybox Security, Inc.
Continuous Monitoring and Real World Analysis Seth Misenar Jun 3, 2015 --
Passing the CISSP Dr. Eric Cole Jun 2, 2015 --
Continuous Monitoring, Real World Analysis and Strategies to Mitigate Targeted Attacks; Bonus Story Behind The Top 4 Mitigations Alan Paller and Seth Misenar May 27, 2015 --
Using an Open Source Threat Model for Implementing the Critical Controls James Tarala May 20, 2015 --
How to Avoid a Phone Call from Brian Krebs - The Basics of Intrusion Detection and Prevention with Mike Poor Mike Poor May 19, 2015 --
Insider Threats and the Real Financial Impact to Organizations - A SANS Survey Dr. Eric Cole and Mike Tierney Apr 29, 2015 Veriato
Insider Threat - The Enemy Within Dr. Eric Cole Apr 22, 2015 --
Best Practices for Reducing Your Attack Surface: 5 Steps to Shrinking Your Window of Vulnerability Michael Bruchanski Apr 16, 2015 Skybox Security, Inc.
Defending against advanced targeted threats with the SANS Critical Controls Andrew Avanessian and John Pescatore Mar 26, 2015 Avecto
Jumpstarting the Critical Security Controls with Intelligent Asset Discovery John Pescatore and Kevin Reilly Mar 25, 2015 Pwnie Express
How SANS Critical Security Controls Lead to PCI DSS Quick Wins John Pescatore and Chris Strand Mar 24, 2015 Carbon Black
The Seamless Way Continuous Monitoring Can Defend Your Organization against Cyber Attacks Eric Conrad Mar 17, 2015 --
The NEW 2015 CISSP exam is being implemented on April 15, 2015. Are you ready? David R. Miller Mar 5, 2015 --
Critical Controls Security Briefing John Pescatore, Tony Sager Mar 4, 2015 --
Mapping Next-Generation NAC to the Critical Security Controls James Tarala and Scott Gordon Feb 5, 2015 Forescout Technologies BV
Best Practices for Eliminating SSL Encrypted Traffic Blind Spots John Pescatore, Greg Mayfield, and David Wells Feb 4, 2015 BlueCoat
The Year of Cyber Defense with Dr. Eric Cole Dr. Eric Cole Jan 27, 2015 --
The 20 Critical Controls: A Security Strategy Randy Marchany Jan 13, 2015 --
Continuous Ownage: Why you Need Continuous Monitoring Eric Conrad, SANS Instructor Nov 12, 2014 --
The Critical Security Controls: From Adoption to Implementation A SANS Survey James Tarala, Tony Sager (moderator), Brian Mehlman, Barbara Kay, Wolfgang Kandek and Katherine Brocklehurst Sep 9, 2014 EiQnetworks
Tripwire, Inc.
Mcafee LLC
Stop Giving the Offense an Unfair Advantage Dr. Eric Cole Jul 2, 2014 --
Finding Advanced Threats Before They Strike: Advanced Threat Protection and Containment Jerry Shenk and Stephen Newman Mar 18, 2014 Damballa, Inc.
Grand Theft Data: Why Are So Many Organizations Being Compromised? Mike Poor, Judy Novak, Dr. Eric Cole Mar 12, 2014 BeyondTrust
The Critical Security Controls and the StealthWatch System John Pescatore, SANS and Charles Herring, Sr. Systems Engineer, Lancope Feb 20, 2014 Lancope
Leveraging the Critical Security Controls to Mitigate User and Asset-based Risk Dr. Eric Cole and Michael Yaffe Feb 7, 2014 BeyondTrust

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