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Read real-world insights about how cybersecurity professionals in the UK rely on SANS training and GIAC certifications to launch and advance their careers.

Elevating Cybersecurity: The SANS-ISS Partnership and the Future of Cyber Resilience

In this case study, explore how ISS, a global facility services provider, collaborates with SANS to enhance its cybersecurity capabilities across 28 countries. The video delves into the challenges of unifying diverse IT and security departments and highlights the critical role of ongoing training to adapt to rapid technological and criminal developments. Through firsthand accounts, learn about the implementation of the SANS maturity model, the strategic benefits of SANS training programs, and how ISS is leveraging this partnership to boost corporate resilience and attract top talent in cybersecurity. Discover the pivotal role of human factors in cybersecurity and how ISS is strengthening its defenses not just technologically, but also through skilled and certified personnel.