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Thought Leaders

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Framework for Security Thought Leader Interview

Stephen Northcutt - August 26th, 2009

Thank you very much for contacting us with a recommendation for the Security Thought Leadership Series. We are trying to find the people who help create the products that we depend on to protect our information resources in order to introduce those people to the community.

Below is a framework that will help provide the basic information we can use to validate the individual as a Security Thought Leader. In general, we need at least a paragraph for each of the questions below. Answers like “yes”, or “firewalls, IPS, and Endpoint Security” will not lead to an interview. We will take that information and then send additional questions that develop from the first framework responses. After we receive the answers to those questions, we will arrange an interview. The Thought Leader program is available for free and also as a paid service. In both cases, the individual must qualify as a thought leader - money does not buy a spot in the series. The paid service includes additional advertising of the interview including a notice in SANS NewsBites, with over 180,000 subscribers. Answering these interview questions constitutes permission for us to publish the interview.

Framework for Security Thought Leadership Interview

--- Please insert an abridged Bio below:

--- Please list URLs of papers or presentations you have written that are available on the web:

--- Please list your top three “must read” papers that are available on the web that you did not write:

  1. How did you become interested in the field of information security?

  2. Have you worked on security products before the product you are working on today? If so, please list them and describe the highlights of some of these products.

  3. What product are you working on today? What are some of its unique characteristics? What differentiates it from the competition?

  4. What do you think the security products in your space will look like in two years, what will they be able to do?

  5. Please share your impression of the defensive information community. Are we making progress against the bad guys? Are we losing ground?

  6. Please share your thoughts concerning the most dangerous threats information security professionals will be facing in the next year to eighteen months.

  7. What is your biggest source of frustration as a member of the defensive information community?

  8. We like to give our interview candidates a bully pulpit, a chance to share what is on their mind, what makes their heart burn, even if it is totally unrelated to the rest of the interview. Please share the core message you want people to know.

  9. Please tell us something about yourself, what do you do when you are not in front of a computer?

Download Word docx or Download Adobe pdf

************* Please send your completed framework to stephen@sans.edu *************