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People have become the primary attack vector for cyber attacks and easy targets for social engineering scams like phishing. Security awareness training has become the most effective way to identify, combat, and overcome these risks.

How effective is your program?

Maturity Model

The SANS Security Awareness Maturity Model was designed to help your organization build, maintain, and measure a thriving security awareness program. This model enables organizations to easily identify where their security awareness program is currently at, where a qualified leader can take it, and outlines the path to get to where they want to be. The model is based on five distinct stages, each building upon the previous stage.

  • Non-Existent
  • Compliance Focused
  • Promoting Awareness & Behavior Change
  • Long-Term Sustainment & Culture Change
  • Robust Metrics Framework

How do you take your program from non-existent to promoting a robust metrics framework? Or, on a realistic scale, what actions should be taken to simply move your program up to the next level, such as going from having compliance-focused security awareness program to promoting awareness and behavior change? The steps outlined within this poster download serve as a roadmap to effectively maturing your security awareness program to the different levels as described in the Maturity Model.

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