I am very excited to announce the April edition of OUCH!  This month we focus on the dangers of staying online while traveling and how you can best protect yourself.  Key areas we focus on are how to prepare ahead of time, risks of public Wi-Fi networks, and avoid using public computers.  This month's Guest Editor is SANS Instructor Raul Siles. You can find, download and freely share OUCH! from our Archives page. OUCH! is a free, monthly security awareness newsletter developed by SANS Securing The Human program, SANS Instructors and members of the community.  The newsletter's goal is to teach and inform Ordinary Computer Users (OCU) how to safely leverage the Internet.  In addition, we feel that awareness is a global challenge and we are working hard to reach the international community.  OUCH! is currently published in five languages (English, Polish, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) with more languages added every month.  If you or your organization are interested in volunteering as translators, please contact me.