You are a Target Poster Thumbnail

Several months ago Brian Krebs posted the blog titled the  "Value of a Hacked PC",  a great visual that demonstrates to Ordinary Computer Users (OCUs) all the different ways their computer and accounts is worth money to cyber criminals. The end goal is to engage people by demonstrating how they are truly a target.  Once people understand this, they understand that your training will benefit and help them, as a result you are more likely to change behaviors. We loved Brian's idea and thought it would be great to expand and polish it up a bit.  So we brought the security community together, and with Brian's blessing created a new and improved version.  Based on input from numerous security awareness officers and the OUCH! review board, you can now download this poster as a free resource.  It falls under the same   Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0  license as the OUCH! newsletter, which means you are welcome and encouraged to download, share and use the poster wherever you like, as long as you do not modify or sell it.  Even better, we plan on translating this poster into multiple languages in the coming months, as awareness is truly a global challenge.  So be sure to check back in a couple of weeks to see what new languages we have added. Download the You Are A Target poster now.