VetSuccess Academy

The SANS VetSuccess Academy is an intensive, accelerated training program that provides world-class SANS training and GIAC certifications to launch careers quickly and effectively in cybersecurity. The SANS Immersion Academies are 100% scholarship-based, costing students nothing.

How The Program Works

Interested candidates will follow the application process below, candidates must earn an invitation to progress to each stage of the process.

  • Complete a web application form.
  • The application will be reviewed, and an online assessment sent within three days.
  • Complete the online assessment within five days. (Unless otherwise specified)
  • Assessment results are reviewed once a week.
  • Submit supporting documents to complete the application.
  • Phone interview.
  • All candidates receive notification of acceptance or denial, the notification timeframe is dependent on the volume of applications.
  • The application process is a competitive process. You must be invited to each of the stages listed above.

2022 Academy Schedule

November 7, 2022 Application Window Opens
December 16, 2022 Application Window Closes
Training Begins
Program Completion

Eligibility Requirements

This Academy is open to: - Veterans - Transitioning service members who are within six months of separation (ETS) at the time of application. - Active Duty Military Spouses - Must not have prior or current work experience in the information security field outside of previous military experience. - Must be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Legal Resident (Green Card holder) currently residing in the U.S.

VetSuccess Academy Course Offering

  • Students are expected to complete each of the following SANS OnDemand courses and pass its corresponding GIAC Certification in 8 weeks each.
  • Students are expected to complete the entirety of the program in less than 6 months.

Required Courses

Optional Elective Courses – Choose One

Application and Academy Roadmap

Step by Step Information on the Application Process

Learn more about the application process and how the academy helps launch your new cybersecurity career in six months.

For questions about the SANS Cyber Immersion Academies, applications, or process please contact academies@sans.org.

Time Commitment for Students

The VetSuccess Academy is a fast-track, intensive program, and students are expected to complete all coursework and certifications in up to six months. On average, it takes most SANS Cyber Academy students 100 hours to prepare for one GIAC certification attempt.


"Academy graduates are able to on-ramp very quickly with employers, having already proven their ability to perform crucial cybersecurity tasks."

- Chris Elgee SANS Cyber Academy Mentor & Alumni

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