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  • AIX for penetration testers by Zoltan Panczel - January 8, 2015 

    AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive) is a series of UNIX operating systems developed by IBM. AIX is based on System V UNIX with 4.2 BSD extensions. Nowadays it supports only RISC based machines. The operating system is widely used by banks, governments, hospitals and power plants.

  • Securing Blackboard Learn on Linux by David Lyon - December 1, 2011 

    Blackboard Learn (Bb Learn) is an application suite providing educational technology to facilitate online, web based learning. It is typical to see Bb Learn hosting courses and content. Common add-ons include the Community and Content systems which are licensed separately.

  • Securing Webmin with Tcp Wrappers and SSH Port Forwarding-A Practical and Economical Approach by Howard Dulberg - May 5, 2005 

    More and more companies are utilizing software developed and maintained by the Open Source community to handle a multitude of security and administrative functions.

  • Unix and Sarbanes-Oxley: a management and auditors guide by Micho Schumann - May 5, 2005 

    This document is designed to assist auditors of publicly traded companies and Security Exchange Commission (SEC) registrants to comply with the Sarbanes- Oxley act ("the act") by reviewing the generally accepted IT control framework called Cobit-12 and applying it towards a Unix environment.

  • Building a Secured OS for a Root Certificate Authority by Don Murdoch - February 26, 2004 

    This paper discusses the procedures necessary for securing an installation of Red Hat Enterprise Server 2.1 in support of a root certificate authority that will eventually function in the Higher Education Bridge Certificate Authority.

  • UNIX System Management and Security: Differences between Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX by Haral Tsitsivas - March 27, 2003 

    This paper discusses the differences in system configuration, management and security between some of the most common versions of UNIX (Red Hat Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX), including management and security tools available on these systems.

  • Securing Remote Access on AIX 4.3.3 using OpenSSH by Dave Randell - February 5, 2003 

    The purpose of this paper is to confirm the existence of a security vulnerability relating to the network access of our AIX servers, demonstrate a viable means to overcome it, and to verify that the solution has truly eliminated the exposure.

  • Setting Up and Securing a Small Network with OpenBSD by Blair Heiserman - January 27, 2003 

    This paper intends to show how to setup a stable and secure small network, while keeping everything in house. I will cover setting up a small network and essential services for network connectivity and functionality.

  • Centralized UNIX System Monitoring Using SSH and MRTG by Aaron Wilson - September 7, 2002 

    This paper discusses the example of an OpenBSD web server that needs to be monitored by an OpenBSD NMS using the Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG). MRTG is a time-tested and flexible monitoring tool.

  • A Solaris Backup Script How-To by Stanley Hearn - February 3, 2002 

    Although all parts of the backup strategy are equally important, this paper will focus on the backup script and will detail a flexible backup script that uses built-in Solaris software tools which create a reliable local backup of a Solaris machine running Oracle.

  • IBM's Cluster 1600 Security Aspects by John Belliveau - January 21, 2002 

    This paper discusses the new International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation environment known as Cluster 1600, the software at the heart of the environment, and the security features of this software.

  • PAM - It's NOT The Non-Stick Cooking Spray by Susanne Ramsey - November 28, 2001 

    This paper will introduce the reader to PAM, provide an overview of PAM - it's origins, what PAM is - and an example of how it works.

  • X Windows Security: How to Protect your Display by Arturo Guillen - November 16, 2001 

    This paper analyzes the threads and describe the security involved in the X Window Systems. It takes a practical overview of the X Windows security to emphasize the risks and indicate the measurements that must be taken.

  • Trinux - A Digital Tool Belt by Brad Showalter - October 10, 2001 

    The purpose of this paper is to outline the installation of Trinux via floppy diskettes, along with several security packages, and detail two scenarios of its usage by the paper's author.

  • Securing IRIX 6.5 by John Haprian - August 20, 2001 

    The author offers guidance to those people who require a secure IRIX system yet don't have either the time or the desire to become IRIX security wizards.

  • Securing HP-UX Services by Fernando Salas - July 28, 2001 

    The author discusses procedures to improve the security of NIS, FTP, TELNET and modem use, and discusses other characteristics of HP-UX 11 that help to make more secure servers.

  • Defense In-Depth on a Solaris 2.X System: A Resource Guide by Mark Strong - July 1, 2001 

    The purpose of this paper is to outline a defense in depth security structure for a Solaris 2.x system and offer resources to help implement and maintain security at each individual layer.

  • Securing Solaris by Angela Orebaugh - October 2, 2000 

    When configuring a Solaris system for production, a balance must exist between system manageability and security.

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