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  • Exploring the Human Fingerprints on Malware by Tobias Johansson and Robert M. Lee - November 22, 2019 

    Much of the focus of cyber threat intelligence is countering adversaries and the tools and capabilities they leverage to do target organizations harm. Malware is a popular choice by many adversaries to fulfill their goals such as access development or destructive purposes. Malware contains a wealth of information to analyze for the purpose of cyber threat intelligence. The development, operationalizing, and utilization of malware is performed by humans and these human interactions leave traces of how the malware is leveraged, its configuration data, or even the choice of the malware itself. Malware is often not unique to specific adversaries but these traces, identified in the paper simply as human fingerprints, can be useful in clustering intrusions into sets for structured analysis and satisfying intelligence requirements. This is not a new concept and there are many researchers who take advantage of these practices today. The purpose of this paper is to introduce this concept to a wider audience and also structure it around the Diamond Model as a useful tool for analysis.

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