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SANS Security Insights

IoT, Automation, Autonomy, and Megacities in 2025

The Center for Strategic & International Studies published IoT, Automation, Autonomy, and Megacities in 2025 a paper by SANS Industrials & Infrastructure Practice Area Director, Mike Assante, and Andrew Bochman, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist at Idaho National Laboratory. The two will do a webcast discussing the topic on May 10. Learn more here.

This paper extrapolates from present trends to describe plausible future crises playing out in multiple global cities within 10 years. While predicting the future is fraught with uncertainty, much of what occurs in the scenarios presented here is fully possible today and, absent a significant course change, probable in the timeframe discussed.

Sound familiar? Assante and Bochman shared a preview during one of the bonus sessions at the 12th SANS ICS Security Summit & Training this year.

While the authors are not commenting on specific organizations or technology developments - I'd like to challenge you to consider your own organization as you read this paper. What steps are you taking to mitigate cyber incidents? How are you adapting to the rise of IoT, predictive technologies, and machine learning systems?

Read the paper here: https://www.csis.org/analysis/iot-automation-autonomy-and-megacities-2025

Register for the webcast here: https://www.sans.org/webcasts/iiot-megacities-2025-105050

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