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Managers Guide to the ICS Summit


Welcome to Orlando! After you've checked in, make your way to the Strategic Planning Workshop for Leaders in ICS Organizations. This seminar provides practical insights and methods to complete or re-touch a strategic cybersecurity plan for an ICS and technology organization. SANS Instructors will enable leaders, managers, and cyber team members to organize a deliberate approach to evaluate assumptions, prioritize actions, and learn about the problem space they are responsible for addressing.

Strategic Planning Workshop for Leaders in ICS Organizations
Sunday, March 19th 3-5pm
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After the ICS Security Strategic Planning Seminar, join GIAC and the ICS Team as we celebrate reaching 1,000 GICSP holders. To learn more about the GICSP Certification, click here.


The 12th Annual ICS Summit kicks off today! Meet us at the registration tables for some coffee before the summit begins at 8:45 with our keynote by Mike Assante. For the rest of the agenda, please click here.

Monday Night

It's Game Night! But first, let's toast the first day of the summit at the Summit Vendor Reception from 5:30 to 6:30. Just in time for Game Night!

KIPS: Kaspersky Industrial Protection Simulation

  • players compete to maximize their enterprise revenue while building an ICS security capability
  • features a simulated water utility - trying to provide water to the community while combating unexpected cyber events
  • every response a team makes will have an effect on the running of the plant, making it essential to analyze the data and make decisions despite uncertain information and limited resources

SANS NetWars

  • players build, practice, and measure their skills using defensive, analytic, and offensive tactics
  • designed to appeal to a wide range of skill-sets by using a system with different levels
  • learn more about NetWars here


Did you RSVP for the Roundtable Breakfast? This breakfast is open to Strategic Planning Workshop attendees. For more information on how to attend this breakfast, please email To learn more about Sunday's workshop, click here.

We start the 2nd day of the summit by announcing the winner of the Ernie Rakaczky ICS Lifetime Achievement Award. Ernie Rakaczky, Jr. was best known by his peers as an advocate with a passion for progress, innovation, and investment in the ICS field. This award is given to an individual that exemplifies Ernie's passion and pursuit of progress, and his compassion and leadership within the ICS security community.

See the Agenda for Day 2 here.

Tuesday Night

After our closing remarks, we invite you to join the Industrials & Infrastructure Bonus session - Megacities Meet Automation and Autonomy, a presentation set in the year 2025.


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