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S4 Conference Sets the Stage for ICS Summit

— by Mike Assante —

We have entered 2017 ready to go with an eye towards innovation and a greatly improved ICS security. I enjoyed starting my year with the S4 Conference held in Miami where ICS security researchers dive deep on technical challenges and solutions.

I was honored to take the stage and present a strategic backdrop to help chart out trends and case studies that formulate a healthy model for the challenges and opportunities ahead. My talk, Sitting Under the Industrial Sword of Damocles: 4 Predictions Everyone Must Consider, focused on the new age of automation we are facing and explored how to best navigate the double-edged sword of digitization. It is up to us to find the best way to implement technology — maximizing benefits while minimizing risks.

I structured my talk on several case studies that highlighted both the trends and the realities that are presenting us with some very real challenges. We took a very hard look at the implications of scale, consequences, convergence, concentration, control and access in the world that we are building.

Clint Bodungen and Graham Speake presented their work in a high-quality video that summarized the history of ICS security.

The S4 Conference provides a great launching point that we will build upon at the ICS Summit in March to help organizations complete the strategies they carry into 2017.

Thank you, Dale, for a great event and to the community for its focus on making the world a better place. I will wear my SCADA Diva helmet with pride. Come catch me proudly displaying my trophy when I kick off the ICS Summit in Orlando.

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