Steve Benton

A highly experienced executive level security expert, Steve Benton is Vice President of Anomali Threat Research. The team is dedicated to the mastery and curation of the entire intelligence landscape; ensuring all intelligence (both externally sourced/partnered and internally developed) is taxonomy labelled and enriched to maximize insight and impact on security posture with grip across the relevant threat landscape; driving ‘actioned intelligence’ by fueling decisions with precision and ensuring execution with velocity and impact across the security ecosystem. Prior to joining Anomali, Steve was BT’s Deputy CISO and latterly CSO for this global communications company.

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Steve Benton is the Vice President of Anomali Threat Research at Anomali. He is a highly experienced executive-level security expert. Prior to joining Anomali, he was BT’s Deputy CISO and, latterly, CSO for this global communications company.

At BT, he was accountable for BT’s physical and cybersecurity - investment, posture, and response - globally (170 countries) and in the UK as part of the Critical National Infrastructure. He created and led the Protect BT Services and Operations organization - comprising 350 people across Intelligence, Offensive Security; Cyber Security Operations; Physical Security Operations; Investigations and Incidents; Strategy. Steve transformed the Intelligence capability at BT to source and develop high quality, actionable intelligence underpinned by Anomali to update security posture and disrupt threat actor activities at pace whilst driving the ‘democratization’ of threat intelligence for everyone. Steve was educated at Queen’s University Belfast, graduating in 1990 with First Class Honours in Information Technology. He is a CISSP, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Information Security, and a member of the Cyber Defenders Council.