Simone Kraus

I have been working in IT security since 2001. After my apprenticeship I studied computer science, was a specialised SAP consultant for many years and left the IT sector in 2013. After some years as a triathlete, A-licence fitness trainer, lifeguard and civilian on the battlefield for the US Army and the German Federal Armed Forces; I had decided to start again in IT as a Cyber Security Analyst. I started in forensics as a DFIR consultant. Since June 2022, I have been working as a Security Analyst for Orange Cyberdefense in the Incident Response department. Within the Analyst-as-a-Service consulting, I'm an all-rounder, doing incident response and threat hunting as well as MITRE Detection Engineering and threat modelling. I mainly do IR in the OT space, but also in the IT environment.

Headshot of Simone Kraus