Saša Zdjelar

Saša is the Chief Trust Officer (CTrO) at ReversingLabs and Operating Partner at Crosspoint Capital with ~20 years of Fortune 10 global executive leadership experience. His CTrO scope includes leadership, oversight and governance of the CISO/CSO function, including product security, as well as partnering with other leaders on corporate and product strategy, strategic partnerships and research, and customer and technology advisory boards, including sponsoring the ReversingLabs CISO Council. Prior to ReversingLabs and Crosspoint Capital, Saša served as the Senior Vice President of Security at Salesforce, where he led a global organization encompassing enterprise security, product security, offensive security, security engineering/automation, bug bounty programs, technical product/program/project management, and mergers & acquisitions. He also played a crucial role as the executive sponsor for strategic corporate security initiatives, such as Zero Trust. 

Prior to his tenure at Salesforce, Saša spent nearly two decades at ExxonMobil, holding various positions focusing on strategy, enterprise security & architecture, software engineering, ERP systems design/integration, program and product management, planning & stewardship, compute and hosting platforms, and digital/cyber resilience.

Saša is an active participant and founding member of several CISO leadership communities. He is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council, a Fellow at the Cyber Readiness Institute (CRI), a member of the BlackHat CISO Summit Advisory Board and BlackHat Content Review Board, and engages in organizations such as Infragard, ISACA, and ISSA. His insights have been published in various industry publications, and he has spoken at numerous industry conferences and universities.

Saša holds a Bachelor's degree in Management and a Master's degree in Decision Science from the University of Florida.

Headshot of Saša  Zdjelar