Ross Young

Ross Young is the CISO at Caterpillar Financial and a former Divisional CISO for Capital One. With a background in Cloud, DevSecOps, and Container security, he has led multiple organizations through digital transformations to the Cloud. Ross is considered a subject matter expert in DevSecOps pipelines as well as Container/Kubernetes Security. He has over a decade of experience within multiple government agencies including NSA, Federal Reserve, and CIA. Ross is a Lecturer for Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering as well as an associate instructor for the SANS Institute.

More About Ross


From a young age Ross has learned information security, DevSecOps, and information technology from both ninjas and pirates. Part way through college, he found his passion for hacking and focused the remainder of his education and his career path on becoming a subject matter expert in information security. Ross loves learning how to break into systems and then keep them secure.

Given his passion, Ross wanted to work with the leaders in the industry to provide cutting edge expertise to others, which is why he joined the SANS Institute. As an instructor, his goal is to teach his students how to safeguard and enable their organization to properly secure itself. He demonstrates how to protect an organization in a way that still allows developer teams to deliver a functional product. The sheer volume of knowledge required for successful devops and cloud security is overwhelming, so Ross works to prioritize the subject matter into bite size chunks that students can follow in order to make immediate impacts within their organizations.

Ross enjoys improving security and believes cloud transformation and DevOps without security equates to releasing vulnerable code faster. He strives to leverage his unique set of industry skills to provide erudite recommendations. Frequently this involves improving security with free and open source tools that save companies millions of dollars.

Ross holds a M.S. in Information Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, an MBA in Information Assurance from Idaho State University, a B.S. in Computer Science from Utah State University, and a B.S. in Business from Utah State University. He has earned the CISSP, been voted Runner-up for the CIA’s Scientist of the Year award, and has won five different innovation challenges.

Cyber security is his work and his hobby. Additionally, Ross enjoys rock climbing and Halloween decorations.



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