Mehmet Mert Surmeli

Mehmet Mert Surmeli is a Principal Incident Response Consultant at WithSecure™. Mert started his cyber security career in the telecommunication industry as an incident responder, specialising in memory forensics and reverse engineering.   

Since joining WithSecure™, He has led multiple major investigations at multi-national organizations involving advanced state threat actors. With his enthusiasm for innovation, Mert supports, reviews and contributes to defensive research as a recognised WithSecure Labs mentor. Some of his noteworthy research projects are the Linux Triage Collection project (Cat-Scale), Shimcache timestamp enrichment, a noval Shimcache analysis method implemented in Chainsaw, and evidence processing systems. He has authored several blog posts on WithSecure’s website, public blogs and presented conferences (CRESTCon UK 2021 and First Org 2022).