Mecca Nnacheta

Mecca Nnacheta is a Cyber Security Engineer at AWS Security in Vulnerability Management. He has been part of AWS Security since 2021 and began in Compliance and Assurance as the Global Customer Experience Lead for regulatory engagements. He leads the HQ2 Chapter and is North America East Regional Chair for Sustainability Ambassadors, President and Sponsor for Amazon HQ2 Toastmasters, Secretary and Past VP of Education for Amazon IAD Toastmasters, and Amazon’s Connect@DC Professional Development Co-Chair. Before AWS Security, he worked solely as Amazon Business’ (AB), Global Reseller, generating $3 Billion-dollars in revenue over 13-months. His work created AB’s Global Channel Sales, a six-member team, in 2022.

More About Mecca


Mecca's core AWS role focuses on security compliance, assurance, and guidance for AWS’ Local Zones (LZ). He works with a team that creates the ideal approach for regulatory groups, partners, and ultimately customers to leverage this innovative solution. LZs operate in places where an Availability Zone (AZ) is not feasible for deployment, and allows access to AWS Regions and Services like EC2. This is the reason why the gaming and streaming industries love the solution!

Mecca has owned information security and sales companies, and worked for Staples, Office Depot, T-Mobile, Gartner, Pitney Bowes, and CDWG as a salesperson, consultant, and engineer. In 2009, while working at CDWG on special projects with MIT and Cold Spring Harbor Labs (CSHL) for DARPA and the NSF. Mecca worked with a myriad Security information and Event management (SIEM) vendors and loved it. The security assessments, scope plans, and implementations gave Mecca the impetus and resolve to dive deep in cybersecurity.

Born and raised primarily in Jamaica to a Jamaican mother and Nigerian father, he sees life through a global lens. He has a B.S. in Technical Management with a minor in Information Security Management from DeVry University. Also, a M.S. in Information Systems and Security Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work? Family time, mentoring, volunteering, scrabble, chess, movies, learning, soccer, the occasional party, and tech hacks.