Matan Dobrushin

Matan Dobrushin, VP of Research at OTORIO, is a cyber security executive who has a vast experience in both Informational and operational technologies, along with researching and implementing complex systems. These days, Matan manages more than a dozen top-notch security researchers who explore novel threats and OT technology research projects that help position OTORIO as a leading OT research entity. Prior to OTORIO, Matan served as a commander in Israel's IDF elite cyber units.

More About Matan


Matan's previous presentations include: CS3 (2019 & 2020), SANS ICS summit (2020), ICS Security Conference (2020), Kraft Cert Norway (2021), Public Safety Canada ICS Security Symposium (2021), Technion-University Cybersecurity ICS day (2021), (2022).