Mark Hallman

Mark has been performing computer-related investigations for over 12 years. Mark lead and assisted in investigations involving identification, preservation, research, analysis, and presentation of ESI for Fortune 100 and NLJ firms across the United States as well as governmental agencies such as the Department of Justice, the Department of Labor and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Mark's certifications include GCFE, CGFA, GCHI, EnCE, and CCE.

More About Mark


Mark was primarily responsible for building the digital forensics and e-discovery practice of a regional firm in Dallas Texas. Responsibilities included forensics tool research and evaluation, development of ESI collection protocols, development of investigation "playbooks", training of the analyst team in the application of those tools and techniques for deployment on client projects. Mark actively lead and participated in hundreds of digital forensics and e-discovery projects. In addition to investigation and team training/development responsibilities, Mark has provided expert testimony in both state and federal courts.

Mark currently works for the SANS Institute's Research Operations Center (SROC) researching, designing, developing and testing virtual lab environments for the SANS DFIR curriculum. I look forward to helping anyone with interest in building their skills in DIFR. DFIR Rocks!