Marcelo Caiado

Marcelo Caiado has been the Head of Computer Forensics at the Federal Prosecution Service of Brazil (MPF) since 2017. At MPF, he has led numerous high-profile investigations into cybercrimes, encompassing a wide range of areas such as organized crime, ransomware, child exploitation, racism, and crimes committed by federal public servants. Marcelo's expertise has garnered recognition within the industry, leading to his frequent invitations as a distinguished speaker at prestigious conferences, including the Cyber Security Meeting, NCCC - National Cyber Crime Convention, ICoFCS – International Conference on Forensic Computer Science, CNASI – Congresso de Segurança da Informação, SecureBrasil, RoadSec, and (ISC)2 Security Congress Latin America.

More About Marcelo
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With an extensive career spanning over 20 years in the cybersecurity industry, Marcelo has amassed a wealth of experience in diverse areas such as information security, incident response, and digital forensics. He has held several key leadership positions at MPF, including Head of Computer Security. In this capacity, Marcelo led a team responsible for safeguarding the cybersecurity of over 200 locations across Brazil. His adeptness in responding to security incidents and conducting thorough computer forensics investigations highlights his exceptional capabilities in managing complex cybersecurity challenges.Marcelo's talents extend beyond his investigative work, as he is a highly skilled speaker and educator. He has delivered impactful training sessions, lectures, and classes to diverse audiences, including universities, on topics ranging from cybercrime and computer forensics to information security, threat intelligence, and management. Additionally, Marcelo's contributions as a published author have significantly enriched the body of knowledge in the field. Notably, he has written numerous articles and co-authored two books, one focusing on National and Corporate Strategies on Risks and Cyber Security and the other exploring advanced investigation techniques—both published in Portuguese.In recognition of his professional standing, Marcelo currently serves as the Secretary of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) – Brazil chapter. Moreover, he maintains a dedicated website, (in Portuguese), a valuable resource for the digital forensics and incident response community.