John Jarocki

John Jarocki is an IT Manager and founding member of the global information security team at Xilinx, Inc. At Xilinx, John has managed several large security programs, and is involved in incident handling and forensics. John also leads an intrusion detection team that analyzes roughly 50 million events per day. Prior to joining Xilinx, John was a System Administrator for Philips Semiconductors and a CAD System Engineer for AMD in Austin, Texas. He created the first internal web server at AMD and managed the last non-automatically-generated web site at Philips. John graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a BA in Computer Science in 1991 and is working on a MS of Information Security Engineering from the SANS Institute. He is currently a board member for the New Mexico chapter of InfraGard and writes for the SANS Forensics blog.

Headshot of John Jarocki