Jerome Dossogne

Jérôme Dossogne has been an active researcher, practitioner and teacher in information and cyber security for a decade. His passion for information security launched him on a path to obtain various master's degrees in computer science, business administration, human resources management to a PhD in information security. He holds various information security certifications including GPEN, GXPN, GCFA, and GWAPT, among others.

More About Jerome
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Since 2008, Jérôme has been an active researcher at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) QualSec research laboratory. Since 2012, he has been working as an auditor for the Belgian Voting systems. In the past, he has also had the honour and duty of managing the Belgian Federal Police's information security team.

His overwhelming passion for sharing led him to obtain an additional university degree in pedagogy and to co-create and manage various university level programs such as the Belgian Master in Cybersecurity organized by different universities and colleges (ULB, UCL, UNamur, ERM/RMA, HE2B, HELB). He has had the pleasure to teach adults since 2008 topics such as information security management, analysis as well as its human factors including social engineering.

He is the founder of Torchlight (a Belgian association of Cybersecurity Practitioner that works as an alert/information sharing network) and the lead organizer of the Master in Cybersecurity Tournament (of which SANS has been an active partner since 2016).

Looking quite the juggler trying to keep the balance between his addiction to learn, to practice, to research, and to share new techniques and ideas in cybersecurity and science in general, Jérôme always seems to be too busy to chat. Don't be afraid to catch him, this is merely an illusion. On the contrary, he'll most certainly enjoy having you participate in an exchange of ideas with him.