Jennifer Santiago worked with SANS for 12 years as the Director of Summit Strategy & Mission, managing content for Summits, elevating speakers and supporting numerous initiatives like New to Cyber, Neurodiversity and Mental Health .  She was also a member of the SANS DEI Task Force, and holds the SANS Security Awareness Professional (SSAP) credential.

Jennifer is currently pursuing her MS in CyberPsychology at Norfolk State University.

Jennifer’s Contributions:

Wait Just an InfoSec - Neurodiversity with Jen Santiago

Jen Santiago stops by to talk with Stephanie Ihezukwu, Neurodiversity Summit Chair, about the importance of neurodiversity in cybersecurity and why it's something SANS is encouraging others to embrace. 

Panel | The Foundation to a Strong Security Culture

The foundation to a secure organization is a strong security culture. And the foundation to a strong security culture begins with people feeling safe and included. From John Kotter to Simon Sinek, extensive research has shown that people cannot thrive when they are in survival mode. Whatever security initiatives you’re working on, from DevSecOps and ambassador programs to guest speakers and special events, our panelists will share insights, and guidance and provide resources for making everyone feel like they are a valued member of a collective mission to secure the business, its assets, and its people. SANS Security Awareness: Managing Human Risk Summit 2023 Panel | The Foundation to a Strong Security Culture: Feeling Safe and 

Included Speakers: 

Jennifer Santiago (Moderator), Director, Summit Strategy & Mission, SANS Institute

Monisha Bush, Client Support Engineer, SANS Institute 

Lynn Dohm, Executive Director, Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) 

Justin Price, Director, Partnerships & Special Initiatives, National Cybersecurity Alliance 

Kacy Zurkus Content Strategist, RSA Conference

Cybersecurity Role Finder: Navigating Your Personal Path into Cybersecurity Careers

Feeling overwhelmed? We're here to help. Building on the NICE framework, the Role Finder Assessment highlights your unique pattern of strengths and interests to set you on the path to a fulfilling journey into cyber. You'll leave this session with an understanding of your personalized Role Finder report and a solid sense of the next steps to take toward your goal. 


Brian Correia, Director of Business Development, GIAC 

Jennifer Santiago, Director, Summit Strategy & Mission, SANS Institute

From Nothing to Something: Getting Experience When You Have No Experience

It’s an age-old conundrum. Employers are looking for experience that indicates hiring you will be a safe bet, but until someone hires you, you can’t get experience. But you can hack that cycle. There are professional associations, free training resources, and even games and teams you can join to beef up your resume before you ever get your first cybersecurity role. Our panelists are bursting with ways to get you started! 

Panel Speakers: 

Jennifer Santiago (MODERATOR), Director, Summit Strategy & Mission, SANS Institute 

Simeon Kakpovi, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) 

Tennisha Martin, Executive Director & Chairwoman, BlackGirlsHack 

Matt Mitchell, Senior Cybersecurity Manager, Ford Foundation

Jennifer's Contributions