Iulian Timischi

With over a decade of military intelligence experience and a recent focus on cyber intelligence, Iulian Timischi brings a critical perspective to cybersecurity. Passionate about pushing the boundaries of what's possible, Iulian experiments extensively with Language Learning Models (LLMs) to automate mundane tasks and explore the limits of these technologies.

His interest in risk assessment, honed through years of military service, provides a deep understanding of vulnerabilities and threats in the digital environment. This expertise, combined with a passion for technological innovation, has inspired this talk on the vulnerabilities of LLMs in production environments.

Holding two master's degrees in Military Science, Iulian studied the application of advanced autonomous technologies as force multipliers in military operations. He has an extensive background in training alongside NATO, working towards excellence with HUMINT operators and analysts, further enriching his insights into the intersection of technology, security, and intelligence.

Headshot of Iulian Timischi