Gavin Hull

Gavin Hull is a Senior Associate in the Cyber Incident Response (CIR) capability of S-RM. He joined in 2022 and now leads the technical development of the Incident Response function, while also providing oversight and expert advice on a wide variety of cyber defence cases and projects. His background includes being a Manager at Deloitte in CIR, where for just under five years he led and supported the investigation, containment and remediation of attacks that had targeted clients from a diverse set of industries. He focusses on training people, automating processes and standardising procedures in CIR, threat hunting and malware analysis services.

Professionally, he’s recognised as a SANS Lethal Forensicator and holds qualifications including GCFA, GREM and CCSIR. He hopes to continue developing processes and tools to decrease the time to identification of a threat and simplify the understanding of the threat actor’s objectives.

Headshot of Gavin  Hull