Elad Schulman

Elad is a seasoned tech entrepreneur with a wealth of experience spanning both corporate giants and innovative startups. He recently embarked on an exciting journey by founding Lasso Security, a startup dedicated to revolutionizing LLM Security.

In 2020 Elad's entrepreneurial journey achieved a significant milestone by successfully selling his previous startup Segasec to the leading cybersecurity corporation Mimecast. Following the acquisition, Elad assumed the role of VP of Brand Protection, where he focused on safeguarding organizations against the ever-evolving threat of phishing attacks aimed at their customers.

As a true serial entrepreneur, Elad's passion for technology and innovation is beyond building and scaling his ventures, he is also deeply committed to paying it forward. Elad actively invests in and mentors early-stage startups, offering invaluable guidance and support to help them flourish into thriving companies to continue to shape the future of digital security and inspire the next generation of tech leaders.