Christian Villapando

Christian a security consultant conducting various types of penetration testing assessments for customers in vast industries. He exploits vulnerabilities and develops solutions to secure the enterprise networks, applications, mobile devices, and data of his clients.

He is also an educator, content developer and lecturer, conducting various information security training for various universities and institutions. He is a proud member of PHCYBERUNITS, an advocacy group that helps career shifters get into cybersecurity and hacksreetboys, a CTF-team based in the Philippines. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and skills with others and has participated and won several cybersecurity competitions.

He has multiple years of progressive industry experience operating in public and private domains, and holds multiple industry certifications, including GX-PT, GPEN, GX-IH, GCIH, GX-CS, GSEC, GDAT, GMOB, GSTRT, CISSP, OSEP, and OSCP.

He also has a Master's degree in Information Security from De La Salle University and is currently taking the Master of Science of Information Security Engineering at the SANS Technology Institute.