Bart Vanautgaerden

Mr Vanautgaerden is a Principal Consultant in Mandiant’s European region. As part of the Incident Response team, Mr Vanautgaerden provides emergency services to clients when a security breach occurs. He also has a focus on clients in governments and international organizations to create incident response management programs, analyzes and tests existing incident response plans, conducts forensic investigations, and provides incident response, threat intelligence and digital forensics training. Mr Vanautgaerden has extensive computer forensics, computer networking, threat intelligence, incident handling and malware analysis background. 

More About Bart


With over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity consulting, financial, government and international organizations environments, Mr Vanautgaerden has a thorough understanding of network security, malware, computer forensics, and tactics, techniques, and procedures that are leveraged by attackers.  

Mr Vanautgaerden entered the cybersecurity field in 2000 and later specialized in computer forensics and incident response from 2005. He has designed and implemented Cyber Security solutions in financial, military, governmental and telecom environments. Mr Vanautgaerden held senior cybersecurity positions in both financial and international organizations, such as SWIFT and NATO Headquarters advising Allies on emerging cybersecurity threats.