Angelica Faber

Angelica Faber has been in the cybersecurity industry for nearly two decades, known for her extensive work with Microsoft Security Solutions. She currently holds the position of Sr. Security Architect at Microsoft leading consulting teams to help customers achieve more in security. Angelica specializes in areas such as identity management, cloud security, and security operations, particularly leveraging tools like Entra ID and Microsoft Sentinel for advanced threat detection and incident response.

Angelica's contributions to the field include developing and implementing identity best practices, security playbooks, enhancing Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities, and integrating AI technologies to improve security workflows. She has authored numerous aritcles and blogs on her site, My Faber Security, where she discusses various aspects of cybersecurity, including identity recommended practices. OpenAI integration for security incident assessments, and various security strategies for enterprises.

Headshot of Angelica Faber