Amit Pawar

With two decades of deep dive into the realm of cybersecurity, Amit Pawar stands as a proven expert in the field, continually offering innovative solutions and strategic counsel across both IT and OT environments. Throughout his career, he has shown unwavering dedication to safeguarding vital infrastructures and augmenting security protocols across a variety of sectors. He has made a significant impact particularly in the areas of Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, and Manufacturing, meticulously crafting cybersecurity policies and practices to suit the distinct requirements of each industry.

Amit's proficiency envelops a broad spectrum of cybersecurity services, encapsulating risk analysis, policy creation, architectural design, transformation, technological integration, and managed security services. His extensive know-how and hands-on experience have empowered him to design, execute, and oversee critical cybersecurity controls for large-scale IT and OT environments. Recognized as a reliable authority in his sphere, Amit consistently proposes proactive solutions that strike a harmonious equilibrium between risk management, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency. This approach propels a ceaseless progression in the ever-dynamic domain of cybersecurity.

Headshot of Amit  Pawar