SANS Institute Celebrates 35 Years of Cybersecurity Leadership at RSA Conference 2024

Don't miss the annual keynote address on "The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques"

As SANS Institute marks its 35th anniversary of exceptional cybersecurity training and expertise, it is excited to announce its participation at the 2024 RSA Conference. The conference will take place from May 6-9 at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, with SANS | GIAC stationed at booth #3438 in the South Hall. Over the years, SANS has been instrumental in shaping the cybersecurity landscape, training over 400,000 cybersecurity practitioners and awarding more than 230,000 certifications across 150 countries. Participating in events like RSA enables SANS to disseminate advanced training methodologies worldwide, ensuring the global cybersecurity community remains on the cutting edge of cyber defense.

This year, SANS will once again feature the highly anticipated keynote address on "The Five Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques," scheduled for Wednesday, May 8 at 4:15 p.m. PT. The session will host a panel of distinguished experts, including Ed Skoudis, Steve Sims, Heather Mahalik Barnhart, Johannes Ullrich, and Terrence Williams, offering deep insights into evolving cyber threats and defensive strategies.

"It's incredibly exciting to return to RSA and deliver our signature keynote, a cornerstone of the SANS mission to keep the cybersecurity community ahead of the curve," said Ed Skoudis, SANS Technology Institute President and keynote presenter. "This presentation, which evolves each year, highlights new attack techniques and crucial defenses, helping professionals prepare effectively for the future."

In addition to the keynote, SANS will provide exclusive Track Sessions and Learning Labs aimed at further enriching attendees' knowledge base and skills. These sessions continue SANS' commitment to fostering education and empowerment within the cybersecurity sector.

CISO Resources at SANS | GIAC Booth:

A standout resource available during the RSA Conference at the SANS Booth, is the CISO Primer White Paper. This essential guide compiles decades of frontline security experience and research, offering critical insights and strategies tailored for today's cybersecurity leaders. It serves as a strategic compass, guiding leaders through the complexities of the cybersecurity environment, and empowering them to make informed decisions that enhance their organizational security posture.

Skoudis highlighted the white paper's value, saying, "The CISO Primer White Paper is crafted from a rich tapestry of expert knowledge and real-world applications, aimed at empowering leaders with the strategic insights needed to tackle today's dynamic security challenges. It's an essential tool for any cybersecurity leader striving to strengthen their strategic approach and safeguard their organization."

Exclusive Offers for SANS Members at RSA 2024:

  • Discount on Full Conference Pass: SANS members can benefit from a $150 discount on a Full Conference Pass using the code 14USANSFD.
  • Executive Cyber Exercises: Attendees are also invited to book a private session to engage in SANS Executive Cyber Exercises, providing a vital opportunity for organizations to assess and enhance their crisis response strategies.
  • Sweepstakes Entry: A lucky participant will have the chance to win a free seat to AIS247: AI Security Essentials for Business Leaders. Details for entry and private session bookings can be found here.

For a firsthand exploration of the insights offered in the CISO Primer White Paper and a deeper dive into the latest in cybersecurity training and strategies, be sure to visit SANS Institute at Booth #3438 during RSA Conference 2024. Our team is eager to discuss how our resources, training, and expertise can help secure your organization's future.