Charting the Course: SANS Institute's New Survey Targets EU NIS2 Directive Readiness

As the cybersecurity bar is raised, this survey offers a crucial checkpoint for organizations to assess and align their defenses with the NIS2 Directive's standards.

April 9, 2024 - As cybersecurity becomes an ever-increasing priority for organizations across Europe, the SANS Institute has launched an insightful survey to assess readiness and overall awareness for the EU NIS2 Directive. This initiative, "The SANS Survey: NIS2 Directive Readiness & Awareness," is a pivotal step towards understanding how prepared organizations are for the comprehensive changes brought by this significant update to cybersecurity regulations. With the NIS2 Directive set to expand the scope and strengthen the security and reporting requirements beyond its predecessor, the timing of this survey is critical for helping organizations navigate the challenges and opportunities of the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

"As we witness the digital landscape's rapid evolution, the introduction of the NIS2 Directive marks a crucial advancement in cybersecurity regulation," said survey author, SANS Institute course author and Certified Instructor Dean Parsons. "Our survey arrives at a critical juncture aimed at providing organizations with the insights needed to navigate this new regulatory environment successfully. It's about more than readiness; it's about paving a path to comprehensive compliance and strengthening our collective defenses."

With the directive set to be transposed into national law for all EU member states by October 17th, 2024, the survey comes at a pivotal moment. It offers insights that promise to steer organizations toward enhanced security postures and represents a seminal effort to understand where organizations stand in their preparation efforts.

"The urgency for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more apparent as we edge closer to the NIS2 Directive becoming national law," said survey author and SANS Institute Certified Instructor Bojan Zdrnja. "By participating, organizations contribute not just to a body of research but take a significant step towards bolstering their defenses against the emerging cyber threats of our time."

This initiative is part of a broader effort by the SANS Institute to provide resources and education on the NIS2 Directive. The survey's findings will be shared in an initial presentation during the ICS Summit in Munich on May 12th, 2024. This will be followed by a comprehensive report and an in-depth webcast later in the year, offering organizations a true blueprint for navigating the Directive's complexities.

SANS Institute also invites the broader community to attend a special webcast with ENISA on April 23rd, 2024 that will shed light on the European Commission's objectives with the NIS2 Directive and how organizations can leverage the new ECSF to bolster their cybersecurity readiness.

As the NIS2 Directive sets the stage for the next era of cybersecurity in Europe, SANS Institute remains at the forefront, guiding organizations through this transitional period with expertise, resources, and actionable insights. For those seeking to participate in the survey and contribute to a safer digital future, please visit HERE.