Celebrating Three and a Half Decades of Cybersecurity Leadership: SANS Institute Unveils Next-Generation Training Portfolio

Latest Courses Integrate the Newest Innovations and Strategies to Combat Today's Digital Threats

Orlando, FL, March 25, 2024 - Commemorating 35 years in cybersecurity training innovation and excellence, SANS Institute is pleased to announce the launch of new and improved training solutions. This milestone honors SANS's legacy and demonstrates our dedication to advancing cybersecurity to continuously confront and overcome the latest digital threats.

"For 35 years, SANS has been the cornerstone in the advancement of the cybersecurity industry. From pioneering the earliest cybersecurity curricula to today's advanced training environments, our journey reflects a relentless commitment to defending the cyber landscape," said SANS Technology Institute President & SANS Fellow, Ed Skoudis. "Our impact is quantifiable: more than 85 courses reaching professionals in 149 countries, over 239,008 GIAC Certifications issued, and an average job placement rate of 90% within 12 months of SANS.edu program completion. With almost 240,000 GIAC Certifcations issued worldwide and 3,750 students empowered to launch careers in cybersecurity through academy scholrships worldwide, SANS is instrumental in shaping the global cybersecurity workforce."

SANS's newest courses and certifications deliver state-of-the-art tools, techniques, and best practices to combat evolving cyber threats. SANS offerings provide in-depth cybersecurity training to individuals, cyber teams, and entire workforces.

To answer the CISO's call for shorter, scalable training modules, SANS developed new short form courses like Security Essentials for Business Leaders and Managers and AIS247: AI Security Essentials for Business Leaders.

"In anticipation of the pivotal role artificial intelligence (AI) will play in cybersecurity, we're currently integrating AI principles across our entire course portfolio," Skoudis said. "While some of our courses already feature AI-driven content, our goal is to ensure every learner understands how AI enhances cybersecurity. This positions our learners at the cutting edge of technology with the tools and knowledge to harness AI's true cybersecurity potential."

When the US and EU released new cybersecurity regulations affecting a diverse array of businesses and industries, SANS addressed organizations' widespread uncertainty in meeting these requirements by developing a new portfolio of training solutions. SANS specially curated these courses to address the mandated risk management and incident response requirements of these new regulations.

These new training solutions provide a comprehensive journey through the multifaceted world of cybersecurity. From foundational cyber knowledge to the intricacies of cloud security, Linux environments, and AI, SANS courses prepare learners to be digital defenders. Participants gain invaluable knowledge and skills to confidently navigate the complexities of cyber defense. Specialized modules empower leaders with the knowledge to foster a resilient, security-conscious organizational culture, proving cybersecurity is not just a technical challenge but a strategic business imperative. Through hands-on training, real-world scenarios, and expert instruction, SANS courses shape the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

"As we look to the future, it's clear the fight against cyber threats is only intensifying," Skoudis said. "Our new courses are our commitment to not keep pace with, but set the pace in cybersecurity training and education."

This 35th anniversary is more than a milestone; it's a reflection of SANS Institute's foundational values of innovation, excellence, and commitment to empowering the global cybersecurity community. It marks a journey of continuous evolution, adapting to meet the needs of a rapidly changing digital landscape. Together, we will continue to shape the future of cybersecurity, ensuring a safer digital world for generations to come.

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