Announcing Exclusive Webcast on the Evolving ICS/OT Cybersecurity Landscape: Results of the 2023 SANS ICS/OT Cybersecurity Survey Revealed

September 19, 2023 (Bethesda, MD) - Mark your calendars for a groundbreaking webcast as SANS Institute unveils the results of the 2023 SANS ICS/OT Cybersecurity Survey. Scheduled for Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 11:00AM EDT, this webcast titled "ICS/OT Cybersecurity: 2023's Challenges and Tomorrow's Defenses" promises to provide deep insights into the rapidly changing ICS threat landscape.

Expert speakers will delve into the primary takeaways from the survey, discussing how defenders across various sectors are evolving to combat new challenges and threats in the realm of ICS/OT security. This won't just be any webcast-it's an interactive virtual event where attendees will have the unique opportunity to connect directly with peers and event speakers through a dedicated Slack workspace to engage in lively discussions, participate in content-related contests, and stand a chance to win exclusive giveaways.

"The ICS world is undergoing dramatic shifts, with adversaries constantly upping the ante. This year's survey not only maps out the threats but also provides a roadmap for defenses," comments Dean Parsons, the author of the accompanying whitepaper. "From obtaining crucial network visibility to understanding the perils associated with transient devices, our goal is to equip critical infrastructure defenders with the right tools and knowledge."

Some of the significant findings from this year's survey include:

  • The need for OT/ICS specific network visibility, with an emphasis on ICS/OT protocols.
  • The importance of risk assessments to grasp the vulnerabilities in ICS environments.
  • The prevalence of threats entering the ICS via IT networks.

The survey, sponsored by industry leaders Fortinet, OPSWAT, RMC, TXOne Networks, and Xage Security, sheds light on current challenges, particularly the increased targeting of critical infrastructure with ransomware and the discovery of scalable ICS-specific attack frameworks.

"There is a clear urgency for ICS facilities to upgrade their defense mechanisms. Our findings underscore the necessity of comprehensive security programs that are tailored to address ICS-specific threats," adds Parsons. "We are at an inflection point - those who remain reactive-only in their approach risk grave consequences. A proactive strategy that combines the latest ICS-specific technology, ICS network visibility at the deep packet level, and trained ICS defenders who understand the nuances of ICS is non-negotiable."

Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to get a first-hand look at the full survey results. Register now for the webcast and be among the initial recipients of the whitepaper.

Webcast Details

Title: 2023 Survey Event | ICS/OT Cybersecurity: 2023's Challenges and Tomorrow's Defenses

Date: Wednesday, 20 Sep 2023

Time: 11:00AM EDT (20 Sep 2023 15:00 UTC)