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Cyber Warfare Frontlines: Unveiling the Digital Battlefield with Rob Lee and Jake Williams

Wait Just an Infosec • 2023-11-29

Join renowned cybersecurity experts Rob Lee and Jake Williams in a riveting livestream discussion as they delve into the complex world of offensive cyber operations amid ongoing nation-state conflicts. In this episode of Wait Just an Infosec, we’ll explore the critical role of cyber warfare in the Ukraine-Russia and other global conflicts, providing insights into how these digital battlegrounds shape modern warfare. Jake and Rob will unravel nations’ strategic use of offensive hacking techniques to gain intelligence superiority and maintain reserve capabilities. 

They’ll discuss how allies and adversaries leverage cyber warfare to influence and disrupt their opponents. This deep dive will also cover the ethical and legal implications of these actions. Expect a blend of technical expertise, real-world examples, and strategic analysis, offering viewers a comprehensive understanding of today’s cyber warfare landscape. 

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