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Rinki Sethi: From Analyst to CISO and Board Member | 13

Cloud Ace • 2023-10-15

Rinki Sethi, CISO at BILL, discusses her journey in cybersecurity from roles at early cloud adopters like Intuit and Twitter to security vendors like Palo Alto Networks and ultimately to board roles at companies like ForgeRock.

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About Rinki:

VP & CISO (CHIEF INFORMATION SECURITY OFFICER) Rinki is currently the Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at BILL, where she will be leading the global information technology functions and is also responsible for leading efforts to protect BILL’s information and technology assets and advice the company’s continued innovations in the security space. Rinki Sethi brings decades of security and technology leadership expertise and was recently VP & CISO at Twitter and Rubrik Inc. Rinki has been at the forefront of developing cutting edge online security infrastructure at several Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Palo Alto Networks, Intuit, eBay, Walmart.com, and PG&E. Rinki also serves on the board of ForgeRock, a public company in the identity and access management space and Vaultree, a data encryption company. Rinki holds several recognized security certifications and has a B.S. in Computer Science Engineering from UC Davis and a M.S. in Information Security from Capella University. Rinki has served on the development team for the ISACA book, “Creating a Culture of Security” by Stephen Ross and was the recipient of the “One to Watch” Award with CSO Magazine & Executive Women’s Forum in 2014 and more recently the Senior Information Security Practitioner Award with ISC2 in 2018. Most recently, in 2023, she was recognized in Lacework’s top 50 CISOs list. She led an initiative to develop the first set of national cybersecurity badges and curriculum for the Girl Scouts of USA. Rinki serves as a mentor for many students and professionals.

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