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Fred Bret-Mounet: Eating Pasta and Not Building Fort Knox | 21

Cloud Ace • 2023-12-04

Fred Bret-Mounet, CISO at Clarify Health Solutions, reminisces about negotiating a 25% salary increase and still being drastically underpaid, eating pasta every day, and learning that security can't just be focused on building Fort Knox.

About Fred:

It all started with early e-commerce sites storing item prices client side!


A tinkerer from an early age and the constant need to feed my curiosity have been critical skills to my Information Security career.


With strong technical skills that I keep current and some amount of business acumen, I realized early that my role was not to build mini Fort Knox everywhere I went but instead teach people new skills: I am an evangelist helping organizations understand enough about the risk dimension associated to security and privacy - just as we understand financial, brand or contractual / legal dimensions in our daily activities.


I am also an enforcer! Not the one that carries a weapon - instead, I keep us honest by providing a platform for self policing.


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