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Mick Douglas & Flynn Weeks: Simplifying your Logging Strategy with the What2Log Project | 17

Blueprint • 2021-04-27

A common question from many defenders is "Which logs are the most important?" In this episode, Mick Douglas and Flynn Weeks join us to describe their What2Log project, which aims to simplify this problem for all of us!

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Featured Guests Bios:

Mick Douglas is the Managing Partner of InfoSec Innovations. He is a SANS certified instructor and is a member of the IANS faculty. In his spare time, he tries in vain to improve his photography skills and goes hiking looking for the perfect shot.

Flynn is a senior Cybersecurity student and intern at InfoSec Innovations. Forensics, and in turn, logging, are passions of hers. In her spare time, she enjoys her time spent with pets and hiking.

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