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Josh Johnson: PowerShell for the Blue Team | 19

Blueprint • 2021-05-11

PowerShell may seem intimidating, but it can be one of the most amazing and useful tools at your disposal...if you know how to use it. In this episode, we have Josh Johnson, author of the new SANS course "SEC586: Blue Team Operations Defensive Powershell" giving you a masterful crash course in:

  • The importance of PowerShell
  • How PowerShell works, and how to set yourself up to use it
  • Blue team use cases for log analysis, incident response and more
  • How to stopping attackers from leveraging PowerShell
  • Some of the amazing automation and playbook opportunities you may be missing out on.

Lots of actionable content for defenders here, don't miss in this episode!

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Featured Guest Bio:

Josh Johnson is a SANS Certified Instructor and course author of SEC586: Blue Team Operations: Defensive PowerShell. He has been working in the Information Security industry for over 10 years in varying roles with responsibilities ranging from penetration testing to incident response. Josh was Purple Teaming since before it had a name and used his offensive security skill set to find and pursue his true passion - Blue Team. Since then, he has been helping organizations of all sizes, and in varying industries from healthcare to retail to finance, improve their cyber defense capabilities.

More About Josh

Follow Josh on Twitter (@jcjohnson34) and LinkedIn (/in/jcjohnson34).