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Josh Brower - Playbook for Security Onion | 13

Blueprint • 2021-03-30

Driving consistency and maintaining a high standard for alert response is a problem all SOCs must face, but how? In this episode, Josh Brower describes his efforts to combine automated detection signature deployment and use case database management into a single, easy to use app for Security Onion. Whether you use Security Onion or not, this episode dives into the design principles and workflow Josh used when designing the new open-source Playbook app and there’s something to learn from it for everyone on the Blue Team.

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Featured Guest Bio:

Josh Brower has been crashing computers since his teens, and now feels fortunate to be doing it professionally. He has spent the last 12 years focusing on InfoSec, particularly network and endpoint detection. He also enjoys teaching around InfoSec issues, especially to non-technical learners - helping them to understand how their actions in the digital world have real-world consequences, as well as how to proactively reduce the risk.

Follow Mark on Twitter (@DefensiveDepth), LinkedIn (/in/joshbrower/), and defensivedepth.com.