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Chris Baker: Get A Handle On Your Vulnerabilities | 18

Blueprint • 2021-05-04

This episode is all about vulnerability management - both the technical and human aspects. Looking to start up a new vulnerability management team? Drowning in vulnerabilities to fix and don't know where to start? Struggling to get system owners to take action? Trying to find ways to communicate the importance and status of your patching efforts? Check out this episode with vulnerability management expert Chris Baker for answer these to questions and much more!

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Featured Guest Bio:

Chris Baker is an Information Security Leader with a deep background in information security including strategy development and operational excellence that has created highly efficient teams and delivered large impacts to the business value chain. He is a skilled risk management and information security professional with the versatility to lead large and diverse matrix teams and deep-dive into complex technical problems. A proven track record of collaborating effectively at all business levels while directing changes on a global, enterprise-wide scale.

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