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Creativity and Choices: Talking about Thinking | 03

Blueprint • 2020-06-23

Chris Sanders and Stef Rand discuss qualitative research they conducted on how to use divergent or convergent thinking for improving the quality of your analysis.

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Featured Guest Bio:

Chris Sanders is an information security author, trainer, and researcher originally from Mayfield, KY. He is the founder of Applied Network Defense, a company focused on delivering high quality, accessible information security training. Chris is also the founder and director of the Rural Technology Fund, a non-profit that donates scholarships and equipment to public schools to further technical education in rural and high poverty areas. To date, the RTF has put computer science education resources into the hands of over 100,000 students in all 50 states.

Chris has authored several books and articles, including the international best seller "Practical Packet Analysis" from No Starch Press, currently in its third edition and in seven languages, and "Applied Network Security Monitoring" from Syngress. His current research focus is the intersection of cyber security and cognitive psychology with the goal of enhancing the field of infosec investigative disciplines through a better understanding of the human thought and learning processes.

Chris blogs at http://www.chrissanders.org. You can learn more about Applied Network Defense at https://networkdefense.co/ and the RTF at http://www.ruraltechfund.org.

Stef Rand is an Incident Response Associate Consultant at FireEye/Mandiant and a former researcher with Applied Network Defense. She recently completed her Bachelor of Science in IT with a concentration in cyber security from Augusta University. Stef also has a Master of Science in clinical psychology.

Her current areas of interest are reducing analyst burnout and increasing investigative effectiveness (including her own).

Stef currently lives in Atlanta, GA. In her free non-computer time she reads, plays with her dog, and goes backpacking in the Appalachians.

You can learn more about Stef at www.stefrand.com.

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