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Corissa Koopmans & Mark Morowczynski: Azure AD Threat Detection and Logging | 31

Blueprint • 2022-08-02

Nearly every organization is using Microsoft Azure AD services in some respect, but monitoring Azure AD for threats is a significantly different skill that traditional Windows logging. In this episode we have 2 experts from Microsoft, Corissa Koopmans, and 3rd time returning guest Mark Morowczynski, to tell us about the important work that’s been done to help organizations understand their data and detect Azure AD attacks. We cover log sources, the new Microsoft security operations guide, standardized dashboards and visualizations you can leverage to jump right in with best practice, and much more. You don’t want to miss this one!

About Corissa Koopmans and Mark Morowczynski: 

Corissa Koopmans (@Corissalea) is part of the “Get to Production” team in the Microsoft Identity and Network Access Division, focusing on incorporating customer feedback to improve our products. She is very active in driving community contribution to AzureMonitor Log Analytics and increasing awareness of the power of log data by presenting at industry events including BSides, The Experts Conference (TEC), SPARK, & Microsoft MVP Summits.

Mark Morowczynski (@markmorow) is a Principal Program Manager on the customer success team in the Microsoft Identity division. He spends most of his time working with customers on their deployments of Azure Active Directory. Previously he was Premier Field Engineer supporting Active Directory, Active Directory Federation Services and Windows Client performance. He’s spoken at various industry events such as Black Hat, Defcon Blue TeamVillage, Blue Team Con, GrayHat, several BSides, and more. He can be frequently found on Twitter as @markmorow arguing about baseball and making sometimes funny gifs.

Azure AD SecOps - aka.ms/azureadsecops

Azure Monitor Log Analytics and KQL resources: aka.ms/KQLBlueTeam

For community contribution, please follow these prerequisites (these steps are also available at aka.ms/KQLBlueTeaml):

1.Have a GitHub account

2. Belong to the Microsoft Organization in GitHub

If you do not yet belong, click on this link: https://repos.opensource.microsoft.com/ and then select “Microsoftto join their organization

3. Be a member of the @azure-ad-workbooks team in GitHub

If you are not yet a member, go to the Microsoft Organization in GitHub and search for the @azure-ad-workbooks team and request access for approval by owner

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