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James Rowley: Creating and Running an Insider Threat Program | 26

Blueprint • 2022-07-11

While malicious insiders are a threat that most of us would like to imagine we might never have to deal with, it’s still one of the cyber threats you must realistically consider and plan for. But how do you identify malicious intent and potential attacks from those already inside our network that have legitimate access to our data? Check out this episode where James Rowley lays out what you need to consider when it comes to insider threat detection. 

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About James Rowley: 

James Rowley is a cybersecurity-consultant-turned-detection-engineer building the next generation of insider threat detections. As a Detection Engineer, James is responsible for merging the world of blue team and insider threat, moving the needle on how we approach insider detections within cyberspace. James outside of the workspace is passionate about most things related to outdoors, beer, whiskey, wine, food, travel, and Minnesota sports teams. You will find James enjoying these things and more with his fiancé and two dogs, Marshall (Bernese Mountain Dog) and Maya (Basset Hound).