SANS NewsBites Editorial Board

Meet the editors who contribute valuable context to the cybersecurity news headlines featured in SANS’ bi-weekly NewsBites newsletter.

Alan Paller founded NewsBites in 1999.

Brian Honan is an independent security consultant based in Dublin, Ireland, and is also the founder and head of IRISSCERT, Ireland’s first CERT. He is a Special Advisor to Europol’s Cybercrime Centre (EC3) and sits on the advisory board for a number of innovative security companies. In 2013 Brian was awarded “SC Magazine Information Security Person of the Year” for his contribution to the computer security industry, and in 2016 he was inducted into the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame.

David Hoelzer is the director of research principal examiner for Enclave Forensics and a senior fellow with the SANS Technology Institute

Ed Skoudis is co-founder of Counter Hack, the nation’s top producer of cyber ranges, simulations, and competitive challenges including NetWars and CyberCity, now used in organizations ranging from high schools to the US Army and Air Force. He is also author and lead instructor of the SANS Hacker Exploits and Incident Handling course, and the SANS Network Penetration Testing course.

Gal Shpantzer is a trusted advisor to CSOs of large corporations, technology startups, Ivy League univer-sities and non-profits specializing in critical infrastructure protection. Gal created the Security Outliers project in 2009, focusing on the role of culture in risk management outcomes and contributes to the Infosec Burnout project.

Jake Williams is a SANS course author and the founder of Rendition Infosec, with experience securing DoD, healthcare, and ICS environments.

Dr. Johannes Ullrich is Chief Technology Officer of the Internet Storm Center and Dean of the Faculty of the graduate school at the SANS Technology Institute.

John Pescatore was Vice President at Gartner Inc. for almost fourteen years. He became a director of the SANS Institute in 2013. He has worked in computer and network security since 1978 including time at the NSA and the U.S. Secret Service.

Kathy Bradford is NewsBites Senior Writer and Executive Editor.
Lee Neely is a Senior Cyber Analyst at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and a SANS Analyst and
Mentor. He has worked in computer security since 1989.
Mark Weatherford is Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at vArmour and the former Deputy Under Secretary of
Cybersecurity at the US Department of Homeland Security.

Rob Lee is the Chief Curriculum Director and Faculty Lead at SANS Institute and runs his own consulting business specializing in information security, incident response, threat hunting, and digital forensics.

Shawn Henry is president of CrowdStrike Services. He retired as FBI Executive Assistant Director responsible for all criminal and cyber programs and investigations worldwide, as well as international operations and the FBI’s critical incident response.

Stephen Northcutt teaches advanced courses in cyber security management; he founded the GIAC certification and was the founding President of STI, the premier skills-based cyber security graduate school,

Suzanne Vautrinot was Commander of the 24th Air Force (AF Cyber) and now sits on the board of directors of Wells Fargo and several other major organizations.
Tom Liston is member of the Cyber Network Defense team at UAE-based Dark Matter. He is a Handler for
the SANS Institute’s Internet Storm Center and co-author of the book Counter Hack Reloaded.
Lance Spitzner is a Director at SANS Security Awareness and SANS course author. He helped pioneer the fields of deception and cyber intelligence with the founding of the Honeynet Project and is now actively working organizations to manage their human risk.
In his ninth decade and with more than sixty years in information technology, William Hugh Murray has
retired from service with IBM, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, The Naval Postgraduate School, TruSecure, Cyber-
trust, and Verizon.