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The term “Dark Knight” has been used to describe people with a willingness to operate in gray areas and a commitment to combating injustice through unconventional means. In this episode of Wait Just an Infosec, meet the Dark Knight of open-source intelligence (OSINT), Matt Edmondson.

Matt Edmondson is a SANS Principal Instructor and author of SEC497: Practical Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). In this interview style format with SANS Curriculum Director Rob Lee, Matt shares how he became one of the foremost authorities in the space and offers valuable insight and tips to help enhance your own OSINT abilities.

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What is the future of AI use in cyber? How can red teams and blue teams use it in their own operations? Let’s find out together!

This week on Wait Just an Infosec, Editorial Contributor Thomas Wolfe steps in to host and welcomes Kirk Trychel, Senior Red Team Engineer III, Box, for a discussion on AI’s influence on offensive cybersecurity and malware development.

We’ll be playing a clip from Kirk’s recent talk at the SANS AI Cybersecurity Summit, titled “AI for Red Team & Malware Development.” This talk covers how red teams and threat actors are leveraging new AI technologies and Large Language Models (LLMs) for a variety of offensive operations, including custom malware development.

Following the clip, Kirk will be participating in a live Q&A with the audience, so come with all your questions ready.

This episode also features Jacque Kakareka, Operations Director for SANS Security Awareness, who shares thoughts and tactics for responding to human risks.


The Dark Knight of OSINT, Matt Edmondson | Host: Rob LeeRob Lee, Matt EdmondsonJune 13, 2023
Unleashing AI on Red Team Tactics and Malware Development | Host: Thomas Wolfe Thomas Wolfe, Kirk Trychel, Jacque KakarekaJune 6, 2023
What the Heck is Going on with Cybersecurity Higher Ed? | Host: Ed SkoudisEd Skoudis, Betsy Marchant, Michael J. Kiphart, Ph.D., Melissa BischopingMay 30, 2023
From Padlocks to Protocols: Exploring the Evolution of Cybersecurity Certifications, with Megan Roddie | Host: Megan RoddieMegan Roddie, Brian Correia, Christopher HallerMay 23, 2023
Navigating the Future of SOC: Opportunities and Risks, with John Hubbard | Cybersecurity for SMBs, with Karen Evans | Host: John HubbardJohn Hubbard, Mark Orlando, Karen EvansMay 16, 2023
Dip a Toe in the ISC Honeypot with Dr. Johannes Ullrich | Graphs & AI with Jess Garcia | Host: Dr. Johannes Ullrich Johannes UllrichMay 9, 2023
Pushing Cyber Security Forward with Wendi Whitmore | Combatting Supply Chain Attacks with Ismael Valenzuela | Host: Rob LeeRob T Lee, Wendi Whitmore, Ismael ValenzuelaMay 2, 2023
Developing CISO Leadership Skills with Frank Kim | ChatGPT for OSINT with Matt EdmondsonFrank Kim, Matt EdmondsonApril 18, 2023
ICS Security with Dean Parsons | LastPass Breach with Moses Frost | Host Dean ParsonsDean Parsons, Moses FrostApr 11, 2023
ChatGPT with Dave Hoelzer | Neurodiversity with Jen Santiago | Host Rob LeeRob Lee, Dave Hoelzer, Jennifer Santiago, Stephanie IhezukwuApril 4, 2023

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