SANS NetWars DoD Services Cup Championship

The SANS Institute is proud to host the SANS NetWars DoD Services Cup Championship online this year during SANS Cyber Defense Initiative® 2021.

The annual SANS NetWars DoD Services Cup Championship is a unique event tailored exclusively to members of the US Department of Defense. This year, SANS is inviting a five-member team from each of the following branches to represent their service: US Army, US Army Guard, US Army Reserve, US Air Force, US Air Force Guard, US Air Force Reserve, US Space Force, US Navy, US Marines, US Coast Guard, DISA, and DC3.

A Service Member’s Reception for all invitees will be held online before the Tournament begins on Thursday, December 16. The reception will feature special speakers and will serve as an orientation and kick-off to begin the Tournament. 

We are pleased to announce this year’s SANS NetWars DoD Services Cup Championship will feature Cyber Defense NetWars!


SANS NetWars DoD Services Cup Championship Schedule:

  • Thursday, December 16
    • Virtual Welcome Reception – 6:40-7:00PM EST (UTC – 5)
    • Tournament – 7:15PM-10:15PM EST (UTC – 5)
  • Friday, December 17
    • Tournament – 7:15PM-10:15PM EST (UTC – 5)
    • Virtual Awards Ceremony & Closing Remarks – 10:15PM-10:45PM EST (UTC – 5)

A representative from SANS will reach out to team leaders with more information.

We look forward to recognizing our dedicated service members!

Please note that this special event is complimentary for invited guests, and the Tournament itself will be hosted online in conjunction with SANS Cyber Defense Initiative® 2021. Eligible players may choose to participate Live Online or In-Person. Players who prefer to participate in a group setting are welcome to join us In-Person at the Washington Hilton. Whether attending In-Person or Live Online, players will be able to fully participate, have access to real-time support and interactive chat features, and will be eligible to win the trophy.

The winners of this championship will have their names and team name engraved on the US Services Cup traveling trophy, and the engraved trophy will be shipped to the location of the team's choice for display. Additionally, the winning team qualifies to compete in the 2022 International Services Cup!


SANS Cyber Defense Initiative® 2021

Guests who would like to add a SANS training course to their Tournament may visit the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative® 2021 website to register.